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*wakes up from an insulin induced coma*

This has gone far enough. I`m now turning to you guys to help me. I did not have to work today so I got to sleep in and have a relaxing day. Around 2pm I got a bit bored, and then next thing I knew I woke up on the floor in a puddle of sweat and it was 3:30pm. Beside me was and empty box from a large pizza and an empty 2L of pepsi. The last couple weeks have been kinda high stress for me and I have found that my eating habits have gone to shit. I need help, what do you guys do when you find yourself fucking up?

Usually Im a very strick eater and I dont get cravings or miss shit food - infact it usually makes me sick to even smell it. But the last 2 weeks have been the opposite. Im losing it. Ive read the articles already - massive eating, look good nekid etc. I`ve been reading t-mag since practically the first issue so my head is full of good info - my stomach is just over-riding my good sense. Any suggestions would be great.

Eat lots of bad shit, grow fat and ugly, and give your girlfriend my number.

man I could really go for a pizza and some cola right now… in a way I envy you

You mean you really passed out??? If yes, you should probably see a doctor. If you have these cravings for junk food, the easiest thing is not to have any readily available. Don’t store them at home. Never go shopping (or in fact out of the house) on an empty stomach. If you like sweet stuff, keep some fruit available instead. Drink a lot of water. Eat the “good food” before you get hungry. You are less likely to eat junk food if your’re full already.

It’s good to eat a little crap fron time to time. It keeps you from going on binges like you are now. Go ahead and knock down a few slices of pizza now and then. Just make sure you get your ass in the gym. I am a chef so every night i am tempted by the dessert station, and atleast once or twice a week i find my self shoving a piece of cake down my gullet. Enjoy.

are you diabetic

Okay - so I didnt actually pass out or anything but I did eat way too much and it was shit food - just like what I have been doing for the last couple weeks. Ill take the suggestions to heart - and I will definetly up my water intake as this is something that has been lacking.

cunning - i know how you feel man. my wife is a school teacher and you would not imagine the shit she brought home yesterday from her students. every kind of candy you can imagine and in large amounts, but i just had to pass. i have put together one hell of a two week run that is not worth ruining. so the stuff sits there in the pantry and taunts me everytime i open it up for some “real” food. the problem for me (and it sounds like for you as well) is that i have an emotional attachment to food. you know, “comfort food” to help you forget your troubles or pass the time when you are bored? well, for me it is sweets. i have one hell of a sweet tooth. i used to eat almost as a hobby while i surfed the net, programmed or watched tv. not a healthy connection with food. in fact it is downright screwed up.

i got back into shape and it’s a little easier for me now, but i still fight it every single day and there are times where i give in and it’s a real bitch. the more i give in the more i crave it and i actually get caught in a foglike state where proper nutrition seems like such a distant memory that seems impossible to pull myself out and get things back on track. but cunning, you just have to man…pick yourself up, take a cold shower, plan tomorrows meals and force yourself to make thing square again. put some distance between yourself and your pizza binge. put a couple of good days under your belt again and keep focused. once you get on a roll be proud of it, add to it and protect it like you would your child. the more your binge becomes a distant memory the better off you are going to be.

i know this may sound nuts to many people on this board, but for those of us with unhealthy dependencies on food for countless reasons sometimes the hardest thing is to keep the diet in check. i wish you all the best bro. now go eat something healthy. kevo

First off…everyone, EVERYONE, needs a break once in a while. A two-week binge; however, is not good, as I’m sure you know already. What you need to do is find something that totally motivates you, whether it be a certain movie or looking through some old BB mags or something. Trust me, I’ve been there. Look through some of my old posts (TeddyKGB). I had this problem every time I did keto diets. I could go forever w/o carbs, but when my one-day carb-up began as soon as I got the taste of them it was all over. I have literally done 7-8,000 calorie binges @bw of 150 back in the day, to the point of falling asleep due to the insulin shock. Boxes of corn flakes, MetRx bars, pb and j sandwiches, apple cinnamon granola, pop tarts, etc. Aside from the sluggish feeling from the insulin/serotonin surges and all the water retention, the guilt is by far the worst thing in the world. Get your ass back in the gym ASAP…the first workout or two will likely be less than inspiring but before you know it, you’ll get the competitive fire burning again…I promise this…and all will be good You’ve gotten your binge out of your system (I hope anyway), now hit the gym and everything else will fall into place. After all, it’s a great stress reliever and you said you were under a lot of stress. Get out of your house and enjoy other activities. I’ve found that my previous binges always occurred while sitting around the house…obviously when you’re bored/stressed and you have all that good food sitting around your kitchen you’re gonna be tempted. IT’S TIME TO GET BACK IN THE GAME!!!

I have the same problem. I have really bad cravings, especially when I’ve had a slight slip-up or haven’t been able to go to the gym in few days. Here’s what I do:

  1. Plan meals out thoroughly. I know this is a no-brainer, but it really makes a difference. If you know what you’re going to eat every day, then you’re less likely to make split-second decisions that you regret later.
  2. MD6. Great stuff, MD6. Whenever I really can’t control things, I pull out the MD6, and it gives me the leverage I need to turn sweets or whatever down. This is a really good idea if you’re about to go out with friends, and you know they’re going to be ordering ice-cream or whatever, and you know it would sabotage your diet. Pop a couple caps, and you’ll be able to say “no” fairly easily.

    3)Find a few healthy treats that you can really enjoy, like some of the GROW! recipes. If you don’t really like them, convince yourself you do. It works; I once thought I loooved the taste of plain, fried tofu. (I look back with disgust on my vegan days)
  3. Cheat meals are ok, but I have never been able to personally handle a cheat day. It usually ends up as “well, one more (fill in the blank) won’t hurt…” and my willpower is shot for the week. But a planned meal every couple of weeks is fine.
  4. Lay ground-rules with friends. I have a friend that loves to go out to nice restaurants and have big meals with good desserts. She doesn’t like to eat the dessert alone. So I told her, “I’ll give you one meal in the next three weeks, we can eat whatever sweets you want.” But once that meal has been done, stick to your guns.

    Just my thoughts.

Hey Guys, thanks for all the ideas - Im glad to see Im not the only one who has had a few problems like this. Anyways I usually find the first few days rough so Im gonna use you guys for help if yah dont mind. I`m gonna keep you updated and with any luck one or two of you will throw some support in my direction. Thanks again guys.

Hey, that’s what the forum is all about (or supposed to be about anyway). Actually I just finished a 16-week diet (and 24+ weeks straight of training) two days ago and I’ve finally forced myself to take that obligatory week off, as much as I HATE doing so. Needless to say I’ve spent the last two days doing pretty much nothing but eating (AND LOTS OF IT!!!) and sleeping, but I’ve at least stuck to clean foods. I’m already getting restless not being in the gym but I only have four more days to “endure.” Honestly, the best thing you can do is get back in the gym. As I said earlier, your first couple of workouts will likely be half-hearted, but then it will eventually kick in. I’m actually psyching up for a serious mass/strength phase…probably going to give that Westside 9-week beginner routine a shot…and I may give in and throw MAG-10 in the mix. This is what you should do too…start planning a complete training routine/diet plan so you have some “structure” back in your life. Set up some specific goals so you have something to keep you motivated. Maybe try a program that you’ve never done before. Trust me, doing the same ol’ shit gets boring. I’ve never really done any Westside work so I’m really excited about giving it a shot. And I’ll repeat myself again…get out of the house for a while and enjoy life. If you spend it cooped up you’ll just keep dwelling on your guilt for getting off your routine. You may not feel like it, but it’s the best thing you can do.

I believe u should eat what u want, there is a reason your body is tellin u u want it. i have found that doing HIIT type cardio has let me eat what i want without increasing subcutaneous fat.

Hi Cunning Linguist,

I’m sorry to hear your problems. I also went through the same thing – eating over 5,000 calories a day, and they weren’t from good protein and carb and fat. Can we say 5 lbs of Danish Butter Cookies, nuts, and candies?

Today I did my BF% measurement. I really didn’t want to because I knew it’s gonna be hideous, and holy crap, it went up 4%! Much worse than I thought, and I was half in daze and shock.

This got me motivated again because the last thing I want to be is a lard ass. And I also splurged and bought new running shoes for cardio and Biotest supplements. Not to use them as a substitute for clean eating and good workout, but to use them as a tool to help me along. After all, there’s nothing like MD6 to get my mind off of junk carb. Also I spent several hours planning my meals around my travel schedules to ensure that I can eat clean and create calorie deficit to lose the fat pronto.

Hang in there.

well - last night I redefined my goals and Im feeling fairly confident. I have no desire to eat like I was anymore - in fact I cant believe what I did to myself. Anyways the next few days will be tough but Im determined. They will be esspecially tough because Im going on a 6 day trip.

Always carry a protein bar in your pocket.
I’m not sure how fat they can make you if
you stop gymin’ but it’s probably better than
the alternative.
Yeh, they get kind of icky from body heat and
being in a pocket but what the heck right?!

Today has been good. The only thing I did that could be considered bad was I had a few pieces of bread - but they were whole grain with tuna mashed in between so it wasn`t a total loss. Going hard at training tonight and leaving for my trip tomorrow - wish me luck.

Anyone near Lake Placid? I`m going there from Canada for a few days - never been there - anything good to do in the area?