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Wake Up Call / Nutrition Advice

I’ve been considering quitting drinking alcohol alltogether since my birthday… (gift to self) Since I graduated high school 15 years ago I started drinking on a pretty regular basis (go Army!) and went from 160ish to about 265 with the help of the alcohol and a poor diet over that time. I’m right around 25% BF now and decided enough is enough.

Well we just opened a new hospital and I volunteered to be a patient for my CT department so some of my coworkers could get some training.

Come to find out I have a fatty liver which I know to be related to the alcohol consumption. It sealed the deal for me. No alcohol for the next year and get rechecked.

I got blood tests done and they all came back normal but I think that’s just because I tend to stay active. I can squat/deadlift 300 for reps and max bench 275.(I only have 300lbs of weights.)

I need nutritional advice on foods and supplements that will help me detox my liver over the next year (but as soon as possible).

I know the upside to no alcohol and better nutrition is fat loss, so I’m looking forward to that. But my main goal is to clean out my system and lay a great foundation for starting a serious mass gaining program…

I would even consider going vegetarian (not vegan) for a while to help speed the process, but have no idea where to start…

Berardi’s precision nutrition is pretty solid.

REZ-V many health benefits including liver protecting. Milk Thistle with high sylmarin 80% or better content is said to help restore heathy liver function. In addition to these I would recommend Greens Plus and Flameout in addition to eating a healthy well rounded diet and exercise which looks like you plan on doing. Great job on going for the positive change. You will be really loving life in the coming years as long as you stay committed.

Take care,


Ok, so you’re 265 with 25% bodyfat?
I think what you’re saying is you want to lean down, clean up your diet and AFTER that start a mass program.

I would suggest doing some pretty simple things at first:

  • Eat 6 meals spread throughout the day (eat a meal every 2-3 hours)

  • Every meal should have lean protein: chicken breast, fish, eggs, turkey, something.

  • Every meal should have a green vegetable (as much as you want)

  • Your first 3-4 meals of the day should also have a piece of fruit. Try to mix it up, Blueberries are good to have every day. Apples, pears, etc.

  • Have 3-4 small handfuls of walnuts or almonds throughout the day.


WATER. A trick i give people is to get a gallon jug (or close to it) of water and take it to work in the morning. By the time they leave work, the bottle should be empty…and yes, you’ll be pissing a lot.
This is good. heh.

Flameout: Take as directed.
Surge: Post workout

As far as repairing your liver i would go directly to your doctor and get his or her advice on what vitamins and minerals you should get more or less of.

I don’t understand though…how do you know you have liver problems if your tests came back normal?

[quote]sven33 wrote:
Ok, so you’re 265 with 25% bodyfat?

I don’t understand though…how do you know you have liver problems if your tests came back normal?


I got a CT scan done. (I’m a CT/MRI Technologist. The scan showed fatty metamorphosis of the liver. Which is a byproduct of excessive drinking (mainly) and poor diet. The main cause being the drinking. Any way you look at it I drink too much and I need to improve my nutrition.

My liver tests are normal (with the exception of the anatomy) because I am relatively active and I eat a variety of food with a lot of vegetables already. But I love to eat a lot of meat and pasta, too. It’s not anywhere near a solid diet, but it has prevented me, thus far from developing any type of liver disease. The fatty liver is one of the first signs that you are on your way to problems associated with the liver (cirrhosis, diabetes, etc).

This scan just helped bring reality to the forefront of my consciousness and I realized I’ve been lying to myself long enough and something has to change.

Yes I want to shed the excess bodyfat then muscle up. The sooner I get the fat off the better my chances of cleaning up my liver quickly.

But I want to do it the right way with proper nutrition, supplementation and exercise. I figure by the time I cut down to about 10% BF I’ll be well on my way to a healthier life(style) and that will give me a solid foundation to build back up to 265 on.