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Wake Up Call for US Soccer


...after all of the excitement of getting to the confedarations cup final, a 2-2 draw against Haiti.


There's bound to be a let down somewhere. Lots of emotional/physical intensity during the Confed Cup; maybe they just took a break.

I'll give some credit to Haiti as well.

Maybe that was the U.S. team's "deload" game. ;p

Let's see if they can ramp it back up going forward. Maybe the coach should take a kick at someone on the sidelines. jajajaja


This is going to end badly.


Very badly


The US has a soccer team?


Dude, Haiti was a French colony, and France is close to Portugal, which was the founder of Brazil. So of course the U.S.A. will lose, it's like they were playing Brazil!


so what happens with a tie in soccer?


You do realize what the roster for each game looked like, right? Those were pretty much two different teams for those games.


Friendly: Just draw
League/ tournament group stages: 3 points win, 1point draw, 0 points lose.
Cup final: 30 mins extra time, then penalties if still drawing.


The U.S is missing all their stars...... This thread is gonna turn into a football is better Americans are better(not saying were not)thread. FUCK YOU!


so what, do we replay them or something?


No no. It's for the "US" soccer team, like "US" vs. "THEM."

"THEM" is a team from Madagascar, I think, or somewhere near the Volga.

Anyway, first game of football is Sept. 13. Fuck the world, Giants rule.


They pick the weakest link to duel it out with handguns.

The winner then goes on "The Contender" in a vain attempt to play a real sport.


haha. Just as I predicted.


lol, okay that makes more sense.

I thought I was losing my shit for a min.


Stars? What stars? I know that they picked quite a few youngsters but still, Haiti?


Sept 5!


ou sucks!! usc bitch



It's just too easy at this point.


sounds kind of cool. i wish they just did the duel first though, soccer would be way cooler if they used guns