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Wake-Up Call For T.O.?


Let's hope so...

The arbitrator ruled in favor of the Eagles.

Owens is really not a bad guy.

And he is WAY too talented to not be playing for long.

Here is a brief synopsis:




I'm not so sure he's not a bad guy. Everyone wants to blame his agent, and with some reason, but that doesn't account for his continued verbal bashing of teammates and the organization. He has proven to be a major disruption in the organizations he has been associated with. He has alienated both teammates and coaches with his me first bullshit.

Maybe this will be a wake-up call, but I have my doubts. He had several opportunities to "wake-up" this year before it got this far and he chose to go the other way.


An individual's talent is only valuable if it can be integrated into a team. A receiver threat enables the running game, a mobile quarterback causes conservative coverage, etc.

My son showed more maturity in dealing with teamwork at the age of 13 than Owens does today.


I like to think of it as less of a wake up call, and more of a kick in the nads.


"...An individual's talent is only valuable if it can be integrated into a team..."

Outstanding observation, !vic...

T.O. has a MAJOR problem with intergrating with teamates and coaches. Let's hope that he will realize that before his physical talents begin to diminish.



This says it pretty well...but screw Philly, they're sticking it to one of their workhorses who busts his ass on that field while being paid less than the top receivers in the league, and he is a top three receiver in this league.


I don't think he is capable of learning a lesson from this.

He seems to be one of those people that has no filter. He just spouts off whatever he is thinking at the moment with no thoughts as how it makes others feel.

I don't think he is a terrible guy, but he is an ass.


5 yrs for what 45-48 million and he's crying that he needs to feed his family? I don't care if he's the top WR in the league. Just be happy for what you get. That's a shit load of money. Now he fucked it all up for himself.


He picked the team and he signed the contract. He is paid quite well, but he knows he could have gotten more from a non-contender (Of course Philly is a non-contender too.)

He got a huge signing bonus last year and was due a $ 5 million dollar roster bonus in March. His apparant low salary this year wasn't really low at all when you factor that in.


sticking it to????
Who stuck who

They accomodate his desire to play for them. Yes, it was his desire to not go to Balt. and demand to go to Philly.

He freely signed a ginormous contract.
He chose to threaten not to honor it.
He chose to bash his qb at every opportunity.
He chose to make a big deal out of the team not honoring his individual achievement.
He chose to be a major pain in the ass at every turn

Why would you suggest any employer would/should accept that?

The nature of the business is that someone--probably less deserving--will be paid more next year. But these guys want the security of the long term contract, but they don't want to live by their word. They want it both ways.
Hey it's simple. You want to be paid the most--sign one year deals to the highest bidder each year.

These guys seem to think they are owed lifetime security because they can play sports. Nothing is guaranteed in life man. Why is it so horrible to think that when I 'retire' at 35, I may have to work again.

Fuck him and F pro sports in general.
Give me a good college game anyday.


Well said Sasquatch. Exactly what I was thinking but you wrote it first and better.


I call bullshit. The league is obviously making money. TV revenues are at an alltime high, attendance is up to the norm even though ticket prices are up. So he's making more than you to play a game? If everyone wasn't willing to pay to see these guys they wouldn't be making what they are. He obviously worked hard to get where he is, even if he is a jackass, but this isn't a debate about professional sports vs amatuers.

He is not being allowed to play in the league by a team that just wants to fuck him over. They're the ones who decided he shouldn't play, not him. What about the fact that the team is going to finish below .500 this year and they would rather give up his 100 yards and TD every game so they can feel like they've won this matter, rather than go out there with him and be competitive.

The managers at Philly are the assholes in my book and they've got you guys believing that they have no blame in the matter. Congrats Philly, you guys sure are going to show us what workhorses you are this year, 5-11 sounds about right to me, maybe you'll get a good draft pick and pick up Matt Leinart.


It's not about what he makes compared to me. It's not about how much his employers make. I work for a fortune 300 company, I don't demand to be paid more just becuase my boss and company are profitable. Be real.

It isn't about fucking him over. It's about accountability and team unity. Did you get the sense this year that Philly was better than last year? His attitude since June has been a distraction and it showed. They looked pretty good in his first game suspended, and they looked pretty good in his second game until that incredible ending for Dallas. The TEAM isn't about one great player, there are alot of factors that make a great team.

Noone has me believing anything. I am an avid sports fan and have followed the storyline for sometime with this guy. He's bad news for any team until he decides that he needs to be a part of the team not above the team. His history says more about him than I can opine here.


He signed a contract and must honor it. What's the point of a contract if either the player or the team want to break it? T.O. should of shut his mouth and play. Look at where he's at now.


I agree. I don't know what it would take for things to sink in with T.O. I think maybe not even this


Slimjim, he had one outstanding season. You should not get to renogiate a contract based on that. What if he got injured the next year? And though he's an incredible athlete, what if just somehow played like shit for a season or two?

Do you then drastically drop his salary. Renegotiation after several solid seasons should be a possibilty. It is not called for after one great season to get out of a bad deal a prior agent made. Far beyond the merits of his case, is his conduct. The way he's acted has been atrocious.

I don't think you're from Philly. The way he's trashed our city, coach, team, and McNabb is just not acceptable. Both before and after things got ugly. The way he acted is one of the chief reasons things got as ugly as they did. A lot of the problem is intrisic to the nature of T.O. He thinks everything revolves around him or should and interprets every that doesn't correspond to exactly how he would like as a personal sleight and affront.


I'm not from Philly or an Eagles fan, I did cheer for them in the last Super Bowl, but only because I can't stand the Patriots.

Anyways, I know this has been voiced before and is pretty much old news by now amongst NFL fans, but teams in the NFL can cut their players if they get hurt without incurring too much penalties in salary payouts. That is my number one reason for feeling no sympathy for the Eagles front office. Not too many teams in the league are willing to show loyalty and support for a player if they get injured or old and I understand that it is a business, and as such, teams should be held to the same practices if the player wants more money.


"...Maybe you'll get a good draft pick and pick up Matt Leinart..."

OOOOoooo...that was MEAN, Slimjim!

(Think Leinart would look good in "Chunky Soup" commercials?)



I am a big Philly fan and always have been. I loved watchimng TO play and last year he wasn't a distraction. At least not as much as he was this year.

I think the agent egged him on to a degree. I think the team should have made a bigger deal about his 100th. TD but that's water under the bridge.

I bet he would have got a new contract if he did it behind the scenes and not in the media. The man's work speaks for itself but like anybody the Eagles don't want to be forced into any situation.

Philly loves players like Owen's. His display in the Superbowl, on a bum leg, would have made him a Philly legend for life. The BS that followed killed him in Philly for good.

Wake up call....I don't know. He seems to have an appetite for self destruction.


"...He seems to have an appetite for self destruction..."