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Wake Up Call.. and Todays Training

First off there are no problems with me and strength training. I do see a lot of problems though. for example my friend Tim is so daft that even when I tell him what to do, or how to preforme an exercise he just goes about things his own way. He wants to be strong and in all honesty he could be a lot stronger than me, yet he has to train his Arms and his Arms only.

How fucking weak is that.

He has the worst movements I have ever seen, not one strict rep ever. He cant even press a 24kg Kettlebell above his head, his bench sucks and is a total…60KG’s, he doesnt sqyuat for shit reasons like “it hurts my back and kness” or “nuh mate I cant do them”. deadlift what is that??? then he bitches to me that he wants to squat and dead like me, and over head press like me. well listen up bitch if you want to do it then do it nd I am sure you will catch up.

The bitch cant even squat 2x16kg KB’s. Now I do a lot of work with Kettlebells but when I squat I love to do both high and low reps. why doesn’t he try them. simple they are hard. I love to squat except when I am under the bar, thats when I hate it. he tasted the pain only slightly and it was more than enough for him. I say if thats the way your going to be just go and stick your mums (mom for you americans) tittie back in your mouth and suck until her tits are like a nuns. then who will look after you?

What makes matters worse is this guy Tim wants to start using JUICE. I personally do not believe that it is bad like all the old wives tales would have us believe, i do think that when one doesnt train properly and just eats fuck all (when they do eat it is crap), they havent tried to exploit their genes to the fullest. this guy hasent even been training for 5 years, i think he has trained for 2 if that.

He just wants the majic pill that will make him massive like Vin Diesel over night with out working for it. Now i usually disagree with the term working out but if you want to grow you should workout, the name implies actually working and suffering for it.

anyway enough of my complaining, today’s training was as follows:

Sets x Reps

Military press 2x32kg Kettlebells: 6x5
Alternated with
Weightted tactical Pullups with 40kg Kettlebell: 6x5
Pistols (40kg): 3 ladders stopping 3 reps shy of failure
Double Kettlebell snatches(24kg Kettlebells): 3x8
Weighted hanging leg raises (20kg): 5x5
weighted dips with 150kgs: 2x3

I always have a very low volume with the dips because I have the ability to use a lot of weight and I dont want to damage my shoulders.

Thanks for reading.

Simon Forsyth