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What up tbros - its Dre actually - im abroad working and am developing a massive eating diet based around a hotel mini bar. Anyway, I just remembered I need help on a training topic - ive been increasing my rests between sets and supersetting to make sure each set is with maximum pounds but suspect there are size or separation gains to be had from short rests. Can anyone help?? Anyone??

Mmmmm chocolate chip frisbee size cookie ... insulin delerium ... mwahahaha .... if JMB could see me now ... Hhy I wonder if these chicken chips have nutrient ratios and totals that are similar to a whole chicken. I guess they sort of taste like .... um ... "chicken". DAYUM - is that a chocolate bar - no its TWO - for real. Howyalikemenow SBs ;).

Dre, This is Officer Munk Eboy, step away from the cookies! Nobody here has to go through an insulin surge or any sort of catabolic activity, let’s not get drastic. I’m putting your mother on the megaphone: Dre’s Mom: “Dre sweetie, we can work this out, everybody down here loves you and wants to hug you but they can’t fit their arms around you if you turn into a lardass bitch! Honey, please come on down.” Officer Munk: “You hear that Dre? we just want to help! I’m sending up a team with some GROW!, no soy protein, no games, you have my word! And while I put you Mother on the megaphone Deputy Timbo and I put your girlfriend on the rotisserie while playing cards on her back. He won two out of three hands. Now get down here and use that as aggressive training motivation!” But I eventaully Digress. Lately I’ve been on a severe ripping phase having dropped complex carbs, dropped four T2 caps a day, and dropped half of my rest time in-between sets. Now I know it’s always an individual thang and some respond to certain routines, diet changes, and you have to adopt a program that suits you ect., ect. BUT, this has definitely cut me up better than any other program I’ve done. Basically if I do an exercise in which I normall take a two minute rest, I’ll take one. You most likely will NOT be able to handle the same amount of weight, but that’s okay, because this program is basically the complete antethesis of a maximal strength phase (No, on second thought I suppose low weight high rep would be the polar opposite, but I liked that last sentence so I’m leaving it in. Any problems can be forwarded to www.eatmeyouanaltool.com)You may also want to try doing fewer sets and a greater variety of exercises per workout. Any questions, you know where to reach me. I’ll be here…eating good food while I prepare for today’s excrutiatingly beautiful Back/Bicep day, in which I attempt to induce vomiting through training. Lata.

“MB Eric: Script editor of “It’s a Nate Dogg Day Afternoon” since 1999.”

Cookie Monster…I mean, my man Dre! Wassup, chief…this is Deputy Timbo (thanks E-Man;-)…was wondering where you were at, bro!..to use the maximum poundages you can do one of two things: a. allow for recovery between sets (longer rest) or 2. steer clear of failure and shoot for certain reps for all of your sets (Pavel methodology)…i’d say stick with the longer rest to continue working with max poundages…increase metabolic activity between sets by stretching and flexing (developing tension–resting tension=ripped city)…this will help bring out nice cuts…rest intervals could be cut in half and poundages maintained by using poliquin-esque splits pairing antagonist bodyparts…the shorter rest intervals do more for sarcoplasmic hypertrophy and metabolic activity…but like E-Man said, poundages will be compromised…been missin’ ya, kid! good luck with your travels and staying on top of the game:-)