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Waiting time for Surge after workout

I would like to have people’s opinion and experience on this topic. Usually I drink my Surge 5 minutes after my workout. But a couple of days ago I was in a situation that forced me not to drink my Surge until 45 minutes after my workout. Initially I was a bit annoyed because I thought that was far from ideal. But the next day I didn’t feel the least bit sore anywhere, and I my workout the niht before was an intense one. Usually I have a little bit of soreness after hard workouts. Has anyone else experienced better recovery when waiting to drink there Surge rather than drinking it immediately after their workout? In my case there is more than one factor going on that could have influenced my previous outcome, but I still find the situation interesting. Your thoughts anyone? Thanks.

I actually have been drinking 1/2 during and mix the other half immediatly following the workout. This really seems to work great, and gives more sustained energy.

I still experience quite a bit of soreness after a particularly intense workout, I’m not sure that drinking it can prevent soreness from occuring, rather improve your recovery ability and prevent catabolism.

Sometimes things happen and prevent you from consuming it immediatly. Better later than never.