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Waiting For the Other Ball to Drop

… or recend in this case.

Well, I finally appear to be hit with one of the sides associated with long term test use.

Both of my balls need to be as squatty once put it “supersized”.

They have both lost significant size, and are hanging much closer to the body than normal. In the past, I have run 250mg/week for up to 6 months with almost no change in size or position.

Now, I am in about the 14th week or so of this cycle. The last 4 weeks I have again been running 250mg/wk.

I have also noticed some mild discomfort in this area as well.

I plan on going back to my Dr. who prescribed me the oral trouche over 4 months ago and letting him know about this issue. However, it’s a month before I can see him and I’ve been using injects on my own over the trouche he prescribed. I’m sure he is going to love that.

I can possibly get HCG on my own, but I’m not sure if I want to go there. From what I understand, it’s only going to help as long as I’m using it. I don’t plan on going back off the test again, so do I really have any options? Again, from the things I have read it sounds like no. Thanks as always!


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Thanks for the insight Bushy. I will more than likely try that if in fact I can get some. There seems to be a national shortage on hcg right now. I know one of my bud’s can’t even get a script filled!

I will let everyone knows if and what works.