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Waiting for bloodwork

I am curious as to finding out my unbound (free) T lvls vs. my bound T lvls. I’m willing to shell out some money for the blood work (doesn’t it cost around $50. ?). I want to get an accurate reading and just cycled some Androsol about 5weeks ago. How much longer should I wait before having the blood work done?


You don’t need to wait any longer – indeed,
didn’t need to wait anywhere near this long.

Thanks for the reply Bill. What I want to know is what my avg. ratio is(as if I never taken Androsol). Is 5weeks long enough or should I wait longer?

I think Bill was saying that you are past the time of any concern, Bernie. However, you may find the cost to be a bit higher than $50. You usually just can’t walk into a lab and say test me. You need a script from a doctor, which means a vist to one. Also, blood testing has gotten pretty expensive in the last 15 years due to the risk of infections in the lab with someone’s blood. I will be interested in how you make out.

OK, I got the results back but need help translating.
T Serum = 450 ng/dl
TSH, High Sensitivity, Serum 1.94 mcIU/ml
My doc let the ins pay for it. Next time is out of my pocket and costing around $300.
I cycled off Androsol about 5weeks ago and only did one cycle. I’m happy with 450ng/dl but the 1.94 free doesn’t look so good.


Because the same individual will have
greatly different reported results for free T(across
a range of about 10 times) according to
the specific testing method used, and different
labs use different methods, there is no way
to take the number you mention and conclude
anything about it, without comparing it to the reference range given by that specific laboratory.

Basically, if you are below the bottom of
that range or are a lot closer to the bottom
than you are to the middle, you have a concern,
otherwise you don’t… but you have to have that range to make the judgment.

I should have posted the ranges but thought it was standard throughout.

TSH, High Sensitivity, Serum 1.94 mcIU/ml
For a male over 5yrs, the range is 0.35-5.50

Testosterone, Serum 450 ng/dl
For a male at adult lvl, the range is 241-827

That a pretty wide range. I though the avg. adult was 250-500. The lab that did this work is BN Labcorp Burlington. Located in Burlington, NC. I guess it’s not looking to good after all.

I’m not understanding why you are feeling
these results are not good, Bernie. Unless
I did not follow correctly, it looks like
your TSH and total testosterone are at
about the middle of the normal range.
This is true of most people and is nothing
to be unhappy about.

I didn’t see values for free testosterone.