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Waited a Long Time for This Moment


Sorry for my grammar and spelling.
I am currently 23 year old and I have been training for 2 years now extremely seriously ( 4-7 meals a day every 3-4 hours , heavy weights with high animal like intensity lol , high protein intake ) And I have been thinking about taking steroids for almost 2 year and have been waiting and waiting patiently and I have decided to start very soon :slightly_smiling: I have been reading bits by bits about them for more then a year now and I still need to do a loottt more reading.

I wanted to get other peoples opinions about a good first cycle ! I was originally thinking test E 500 a week for 12 weeks now thinking of 400 test e 200 deca for 12 weeks !

What kind of results do you think i can expect? I have so far never taken any kind of steroids or other hormones but unfortunately i already have some of the side effects of steroids already including acne,hair,bold,gyno!!! A lot of people think/ask me if i am on steroids .

Thanks in advance for any advice given .


I think you got pretty good mass allready :slight_smile: What are your goals?


Thanks. Um I do have pretty good mass i guess but i also have a lot of fat. Not sure what % its at but im sure at least 12 14 i would think ! I would like to add more lean mass while losing some fat so i can see my abs and no longer have a belly / love handles / and less fat around my chest area. And of course to increase my strength at the same time .

I forgot to mention that during the 2 year of training and putting on so much weight i have not really done any cardio at all simply because i wanted to get bigger and bigger i am afraid of losing mass to try to get cut .


I agree that you need to do a lot more reading to cover all the bases. I don't see any mention of an AI or PCT. I would recommend that you read the Sticky named "Steroid Newbie Cycle Planning" by FuriousGeorge. Maybe after you read some more you can come back with a more comprehensive cycle.


I agree i have a lot more reading and research i need to do still. I forgot to mention my PCT on my first post and that is becuase i am not sure if what i will have access to is going to do the trick.

I still don't really understand the diffrend between AI amidex and novalex Serm . One of my main fears is Gyno so my question is will this work for my fist cycle if I decide to do 500ml of test e or 400e and 200 deca

Week 1-12- take 10-20 mg of Novadex then for post continue to use nova and add clomid.
Will be enough to get good gains and avoid gyno and recover after the cycle ?


Don't use deca for your first cycle. Many on here don't even recommend it anymore.

For your first cycle, test only would suffice. If you REALLY want to use two compounds, use test and Dbol... but still, a test only cycle will be plenty.

Read the SERM and AI sticky to figure out the differences between the two. You'll want to use an AI during your cycle and a SERM for your PCT... now go read up on why that is. You'll be better off :slight_smile:


Ya most likely i am just going to still to only test to keep it simple and see how my body reacts and go from there .
I have read that post but still have a bit trouble understand it . Why do some people use novadex and other use amidex during a cycle .

My main goal is to avoid gyno since i seem to kinda have it already! Another question i have is can i use test e for the first 5-6 week then use test c for the last 5-6 weeks ) I ask this becuase i will soon have access to some test e and some test c and also will have clomid and tamofoxican. I was not able to get amidex and so I am trying to see if I can do the cycle without it or will i have a problem !



If you already have gyno, doing a cycle using aromatising steroids without an AI would present a very large chance of making your gyno worse. I would definitly try to get your hands on an AI. (You can find the names of them in the SERM and AI sticky to see if you can get another type. Although, arimadex is definitely recommended for your firt cycle, as it's easier to dose correctly than say, letrozole, another AI.) It shouldn't be TOO hard to find arimidex if you're in the U.S.

I don't know if taking nolvadex on cycle would be a good idea in your specific case, but I do know that most people don't recommend running a SERM on cycle. (Unless it's to rid gyno symptoms.)

As for your ester choice, I would use the test cyp first, with a big frontloaded dose (A "frontload" is a large dose, ie 600-750mg for a 500mg/wk cycle, on your first shot in order to help raise blood levels faster) and then finish with test E as it will clear your system a little bit faster than the cyp, so you'll be suppressed for a shorter period of total time.

But again, try to get your hands on an AI.


I mean i belive i have gyno but i am not 100 sure i have a lot of what i belive is fat or something else around my lower chest by the nipple area so ya i really don't know and like i said i have not taken AAS before and i never had that much fat around that area before but then again i have never been close to this weight before .

Why do most people not reccomand taking a SERM like nova during a cycle ?

Ok so now i know to take c before e and will defently try to do a frontloaded dose depending on how much test I get.

I will defently try to get a AI again .


Would you please download Firefox so it can spellcheck your posts, since you seem incapable by yourself.


ha ha ha . I didn't know firefox did that . Good to know