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Wait, Olympic Lifters Need to Be Consistent?


I'm an Olympic Style weightlifter from Washington state. I was decent when I was younger, and now I hover somewhere around mediocrity. This log is going to be my first real source of accountability, and a way for me to stay focused on my lifting. I'm going to train and post on T Nation at least three times a week, but hopefully four or five. My diet is going to be cleaned up and I am using a recovery supplement for the first time in my life (Torrent - Green apply baby!). I'm hoping to look back on this training log in six months and laugh at the small things I struggled with focusing on, and giggle at the pathetic numbers I was hitting. We will see!

Clean and Jerk: 60kg(2x3) 100kg(2x2) 130kg(1x2) 140kg(1x1) 150kg(Missed it, caught it in my elbow and the bar dragged down my bicep, not awesome. Need to start and end each day with more technique work it seems,)
Back Squats: 315lbs(1x3) 405lbs(1x3) 455lbs(1x3) 405lbs(2x3)
Clean technique/pull+Hang: 60kg (3x2)

Recovery: I rolled out for fifteen minutes or so and stretched a little. No stairs or rowing today. Then I took my torrent with some BCAAs and extra creatine.


Whooo! excited you started the log my friend I shall be following along to add accountability :wink:


Goals: The National Championship qualifying total is 292kg, so my current goal is going to be a 300kg total. 130kg snatch and 170kg C&J. My goal for body weight is to ultimately stay below 105kg, nothing much more specific at this point.

Nationals is March 2-4 in Columbus, OH. In order to qualify I would probably have to have the total by early February, so the total will be difficult to achieve in such a short period of time, but not impossible. The goal isn't to go to nationals this year though, I can't afford it either way, I would just like to beat the qualifying total as a personal goal and train for next years championships.

Current PRs: 120kg snatch and 155kg C&J.


looks like you have a challenging yet attainable goal I like it


Today's workout went well. My hands are feeling a little junky, but it turns out it was because of my pullup grip. I decided I would start working on my callouses at night so I wouldn't be filing my skin down immediately before lifting.

Technique work day
Snatch: 60kg(2x3) 70kg(2x3) 80kg(1x3) 90kg(2x3)
Clean Pulls: 140kg(1x3) 170kg(3x3)
Wide grip pull ups (2x12)

Then I rowed 1500 meters in 5:25, followed by a good twenty minute roll out session.

Notes: The clean pulls felt good, I'm working on being more patient with the pull in both the snatch and clean and not using the hit bounce until later in the extension. I also did three shrugs at the top of each set of pulls, focusing on fully finishing the triple extension.


Went in today, it's supposed to be an off day. I read an article about John Broz and his training style which motivated me to get in and hit the gym. Turns out his athletes workout up to 13 times a week, and do max squats every day. Because of this, I decided I would start doing max back, front, and stop squats each day, shifting the squat type each workout.

John Broz doesn't really seem to have much of a recovery focus though, which kind of bothers me to some degree. He focuses on the thought that people don't overtrain, they simply undertrain and aren't ready for working harder. I actually really like this, but I still think I should do whatever I can to recover and stay on top of my game. Either way, I'm going to push myself to the max for the next few months and hit the 300kg total. If it works well for me, I'll continue it when I move back home and can train in my Olympic style gym.

I'm also going to start wearing wrist wraps for my snatch workouts so I can start doing more volume and protect my hands. On a side note, I don't train with a belt or anything other than weightlifting shoes, in case anyone is wondering at any point.


Today's workout
Cleans: 60kg(2x3) 100kg(2x2) 130kg(1x1) 140kg(1x1) 130kg(2x2) 100kg(3x3)
Back Squats: 225lbs(1x5) 315lbs(1x4) 405lbs(1x3) 455lbs(1x2) 475lbs(1x1) 405lbs(3x3)
Snatch Pulls: 130kg (3x3)

Then I rolled out for fifteen minutes or so, went home, and took my torrent.


Today's workout
Stop Squats: 135lbs(1x5) 225lbs(1x3) 315lbs(1x3) 405lbs(1x3) 455lbs(5x1) 405lbs(1x3)

Today was another off day filled with squats. Fun Stuff. My pauses at the bottom of the squat were extremely long today, which is great because I got absolutely zero bounce out of the bottom. Overall, it was a pretty good day even though it was an off day. I'm liking squatting everyday.

I also rolled out for about 15 minutes after squats.


I forgot to post on the 22nd.

I went in and did front squats. 135lbs(1x5) 225lbs(1x5) 315lbs(1x3) 405lbs(1x2) 405lbs(2x1)

Saturday's front squats were a little difficult because the skin above my collarbone was pretty messed up from the last front squats. Pretty much healed up at this point though. I'm heading into the gym later tonight, after homework of course.


I haven't posted in a few weeks because I have been wicked busy with school.

Roll out: 5 minutes
Clean and Jerks: 60kg(2x3) 100kg(2x3) 120kg(1x2) 130kg(1x1) 140kg(1x1) 150kg(1x1) 155kg(2x1-missed both) 130kg(2x2)
Snatch Pulls: 130kg(1x3) 135kg(1x3) 140kg(1x3)
Back Squats: 225lbs(1x5) 315lbs(1x5) 405lbs(1x3) 455lbs(1x2) 495lbs(1x2)
Rows: 1000m in 3:27
Roll out: 10-15 minutes
Dun-bell shoulder presses: 40lbs(2x8)
Dun-bell inclined bench: 40lbs(2x8)