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Wait for Symptoms Before Using AI?

I’m on week four of a deca/test cycle and haven’t started an AI yet because I was told to wait until the symptoms appeared which called for the AI use. No acne, gyno, or other effects have occurred yet. I have a rather hefty supply of adex and aromasin. Is there a point at which I need to start one even if I’m not experiencing the unwanted effects they’re designed to counter?

Why wait to develop gyno? Once actually developed, it lasts for life.

It is not as if an online-ordered estradiol test costs much money. Why not get a test immediately to see for the sake of knowledge your estradiol levels on this program without an AI, then add an AI at an estimated dose, and test again 2 weeks later to see how that dose does for you?

You need to have the stuff on hand, and its pretty ignorant to not run some form of protection from the get go, exactly like the guy before me said, why wait to get sides then back track. Start with a small dose and see what happens.

with test and deca you should have some caber/prami on hand as well.

^^ yup.

it’s also worth noting that A-dex and Aromasin take about a week to build up to stable blood levels (and letro even longer). waiting for problems means that even when you start the AI, it’s not gonna do much for a while…

Though frontloading will greatly improve the speed issue! :slight_smile:

[quote]Bill Roberts wrote:
Though frontloading will greatly improve the speed issue! :)[/quote]

if I could just jump in here:

Bill, if running aromasin at a dose of 12.5mg daily, what dose would you use as a frontload?