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Wait Between Cycles

Hi guys, quick question. Its often said that you should break around the time you were on your last cycle before starting the next. However, my question is would this include PCT time? e.g. I have been cycling for 12 weeks and my PCT will be another 4 weeks which I start today. Therefore, would you recomend a break of 12 weeks or 16 weeks?

Time On + PCT = Time Off

This allows for your best chances at a good recovery.

So 16 weeks is probably best. Unless you do monthly bloodwork, then you would know more about when you have recovered.

To the best of my knowledge SERM based PCT is considered time on while a stasis/taper PCT is not considered time on. Or maybe the stasis is on and the taper is off, I don’t remember exactly.

Bloodwork is probably the best way to asses recovery. How well your body is recovered is probably a better method of determining when to go back “on” than a general rule such as “on tme = off time”

time on is any time when you are using a drug that is suppressing you.

I personally count the 4 weeks of Nolva PCT as time on… but that is to err on the side of caution (fat lot of fuckin good that did me).

None of this is set in stone, it is all personal preference, but just like the qur’an, what means one thing to one guy might mean the opposite to another…! :confused:



The stasis period should be at a dose that is non suppressive. So in theory it can be counted as time off. I usually do 10-12 week cycles followed by a 6 week stasis and a 6 weeks taper. After the taper in theory you should have been off for 12 weeks and fully recovered, I however take another 6 weeks off just to be safe.

In terms of conventional nolv PCT I would take the length of your cycle off after the nolv has stopped.

Again this is not set in stone and some may recover faster than others, this is just the method that works for me.

I’ve always counted time off as all days and weeks where there were no significant amounts of exogenously-supplied (injected or oral) androgen remaining present.

Clomid or tamoxifen being used, or for that matter low-dose letrozole or what-have-you, I’ve never thought disqualified such days or weeks as being time off.

If it were, then I’ve in the past had a year or more with no off-time, though in fact 26 or more weeks had no androgen use and no significant levels of added androgen remaining, but the resulting outcome was nothing like what would be expected from a year truly with no off time, so it would seem odd and not useful to call that no off time. A person would have a much better picture understanding it if calling it, as I so, 26 or whatever weeks total off time for that year.

[quote]xXDevilDogXx wrote:
Time On + PCT = Time Off

That’s exactly how I know calculate it.