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Waisted money....?

Hey guys, i ussually get home about 7 and get to the gym about 8, I’m there till ten and I have 3 meals from 10 p.m to 2 a.m. Ussually about 30-40g of protien a sitting. my question is, how often is too often? I don’t wanna waste money on protien my body isn’t taking. I know what i’ve heard, every 3-4 hrs. but I’m short on time. How often do you guys eat? By the way when I say from 10 till 2 I mean a meal at 10, one at 12 and then one at 2. Thanks, dude

i hope you are not working out for 2 hours 8-10, and that you have a workout shake with you. every 2 hours is fine. It’s actually very important to keep protein levels up after you workout since the body is in the rebuilding mode. Have carbs at 10pm and at 12 then at 2 am go for the fats with your protein. I usually have an 80 gram shake before bed with fish oil caps. Remember that when you sleep you don’t eat. laters pk

Your body can process 85-95% protein you ingest, according to Dr. Scott Connelly(Met-Rx fame) I eat every 2 hrs hours regardless of what time it is so if I eat 10 meals so be it. During this Mag-10 cycle I eat every hour. I can’t put that much food in my stomach at one time, I feel like I am going to puke. So I decided to go evey hour to hour and a half. Your body is done digesting the food after 20 minutes. Now that’s over 4000 calories in one day which is quite difficult. I’m sure I could eat cheese fries and get it that way but why? Eating right is exspensive and hard. I would up the protein to 60g a meal, I always incorporate some sort of protein shake with a meal. Whey before workout, some low carb with a fat meal and some heavy carb with the carb meal. In between I slam some various kinds into my gullet just to be sure. It pays off, just be patient.

Good advice, Riz, but I think the 20 minutes your talking about is the amount of time for your hunger to “turn off” after eating. Digestion normally takes at least an hour, depending on the type of food. One place to check out digestion times for various foods is at www.unani.com/digestion_time_of_foods.htm I agree with pkradgreek that if you’re working out from 8 until 10, you’re working out too long in my opinion. Good luck!

If you’re taking in a lot of protein at once, remember to take it a lot of water. Clearly, you don’t want to take a lot of water before you go to bed, so you want your system as clean as you can get it (barring stupidity) 2 hours before you go to bed. The trick then is to consume slow digesting proteins before you sleep and then you’ll be fine.