waist size

please give some advice for reducing bf%,seems like only losing 1"off my waist every six weeks.I am watching my food intake trying to cut fats and carbs, but still on a heavy lifting routine.cardio 3-4x week.Problem is i get so hungry and consume large amounts of food.Does the fact that i have a 48" rib-cage mean that i may not be able to acomplish a 32"waist size.waist is currently 46" down from 52".

I would eat babies if it reduced my waist size 1" every 6 weeks. I would suggest keep on keeping on!

What’s your BF %… 42 is a fairly large waist size, but if your BF is low than what difference does it make what your waist size is.

You said you get hungry and eat large amounts of food… How often are you eating every day? What are you eating?

Also… are you keeping a food log?

It sounds like you are doing just fine. Patience is the key here. At 46" you are nowhere near being able to figure what you final waist size will be. Good work. Keep it up.

Thanks for the responses.I try to eat 6 meals a day, but at dinner when maybe i should only eat 1 chicken breast i will have 2 of them. maybe this is my problem

“Problem is i get so hungry and consume large amounts of food.”

What’s your question?

“I am watching my food intake trying to cut fats and carbs”

Not all fats are bad. Healty fats(Olive oil, flax, and fish oil) will increase your insulin sensitivity and help you lose fat. How many calories are you eating? Having 2 chicken breast right before dinner will not throw your diet off as long as you are following your calorie guidelines.

patience… you don’t need to be frustrated yet. you have a way to go and all of this good stuff takes time.

you seem to be doing well. your waist is where you carry your weight, so it’s just a harder battle, but a very winnable one.

i saw some stuff on one of the training boards here about vaccums for slimming a waistline. i don’t know how effective they are.

An inch every six weeks is nothing to sneeze at. Sounds to me like your current plan is working for you. Don’t change things around until your progress has halted. THEN it’ll be time to try something different.