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Waist Size?

Ive alsways been a small kid (graduated high schoola t 125-130 lbs) currently 165ish (at 5’10) and my waist is at 32" which is a little bigger then I’d want it.

I dont want to cut because I dont think Im big enough or soft enough to cut Im still fairly ripped (9-11% bf). So Im curious if I really focus on my diet and eat very clean during my “bulk” and really bang the ab work is it possible to decrease my waist size and still gain muscle?

thanks for the help!

you can do all the ab work you want, it won’t help keep your waist small.

and when bulking you’re going to put on a little chub in the waist, just don’t let it get of control.

you could check my thread on t-cell alpha about my bulk, as there were times I was worried about my waist, then I realized that eating every 2 hrs keeps my stomach full, and keeps it poking out more than I’d like

oh well, gotta do what you gotta do

Well, if you gain muscle size in the right areas, you can give the appearance of a smaller waist.

Since you aren’t looking to cut and want to put on more muscle, that’s the approach I’d take.

I’d be really surprised if your body fat is as low as you claim. 32" waist on a guy that only weighs 165 lbs seems large to me. I’m 220 lbs with a 34" waist and guessing that I’m about 13%. Usually, waist size and body fat % go together.

If I am right then you could get a smaller waist from eating low carb and doing plenty of HIIT. However, I could be wrong.

Although I doubt your body fat % claim is accurate, I presume that you do weight lifting to improve your looks. I do not think that a smaller waist is the most important thing for you at this point if that is your goal. I’d advise you to keep lifting heavy and eating more protein

Why do people still think that doing crunches will magically remove the fat around their midsection? I have a friend that’s absolutely zealous about this, he trains abs daily for about 25 minutes. All that did for him was leave him 4 sizes bigger, because his abs have grown out of proportion.

Abs will grow if you train them that way, but I highly doubt you will do enough training to make them disproportionately huge.

Im definitely around 10% give or take i have the line through the top 4 and you can see a little bit of the bottom two

If you are honestly that lean, your waist might just be 32" and there is no way to make your skeleton shrink, boss…

Also, training abs does not burn fat around the abs… It is actually a very inefficient way to burn fat all together. “Abs are made in the kitchen” as they say.

Also, when you say “32 inch waist” are you referring to pant size, or actual measurement. the two do not necessarily measure 1:1