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Waist Size: Smaller is Better?

Is it always better esthetically to have a smaller waist? I used to have a 36"+ waist, now because of dieting I’m down to about 30". However, my upper body looks weird because my hips are wide and my shoulders/back are wide as well. so basically, I have the V-taper, i get really “skinny” around my waist, and then my hips flare out because i guess my hip bone is wide. I’m wondering if I should do ab exercises to thicken my flanks so they fill out more. What do you guys think?

It sounds like a problem I would like to have. I am the opposite, as my upper body appears smaller due to my “blocky” waist.

I am the same way as you, my shoulders are wide my waist around my bellybutton is thin but I have Bitch hips, I do a lot heavy side bends, to thinken the area and make it more even.

Same here… I find comfort in knowing I’d make a hot bitch.

Do your legs stick out more than your “hip bone”? If yes, then don’t fix what isn’t a problem. If no then train your legs and go for the “X”. Anyone can get a “V”. Then again, nice job on losing six inches of what was probably all fat.

yes I too would make a very hot hipped woman if I were a woman or a crossdresser. As of yet I haven’t figured out the solution, although I do tell chicks that my hips are huge to support my huge penis which is humongeously huge.

Work the hell out of your medial delts, and your hips won’t stand out so much. Well, maybe not ‘work the hell out’ of them, but perhaps you could prioritize them for awhile (especially if you’re on 4AD or Mag10. If your shoulders really are as wide as you like, are you sure you aren’t just storing fat preferentially in the lower hip area? Be honest with yourself about it. Something like M might help you lose fat in that area, or you could try lipo.

If I recall correctly in terms of aesthetics the ideal male waist/hip proportion is no less
than 0.85, while for women an excellent value is about 0.70. It is possible for a man to have a bone structure where even after losing
excess fat from the hips, the waist needs to be beefed up for good proportion.