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Waist Size On Jeans, 34 =/= 34?


so I bought a few new pairs of jeans recently because my "skinny" ones are mad tight (32" waists). I went to American Eagle and got three pairs of straight leg jeans that measured 34/32. the first time I wore one two weeks ago, my ass was just barely holding it up so I figured I must be closer to 32" than I thought and to wear a belt next time.

I measured my waist today and it measured 34". the fuuuu... ?

i wonder if clothiers falsify their sizes to make fat people feel better...



Cool story bro.



birds don't wear jeans...



If you measure the jeans around the waist they probably arent 34" around. Manufacturers make jeans to 'fit' people with a 34" waist. This is why sizes vary with brands etc when they claim the same size :slight_smile:


I found your problem right here.


Hey Greg, did you know some chick was groping you?

OP, please do not do this. I know you are bored, but really a pants thread in GAL.




Srsly, do guys not know to steer the fuck clear of the this shithole?? That and Aero..
Now, I have, on occasion, walked through A&F, to peruse the girls working. But that we purely for scientific research...

Any clothing store that offers 2 for 1 anything ...two of shit, is still shit..


I don't know how anyone who lifts weights can fit in to American Eagle jeans...


Why hullo there Mr. Snobby Snobberson....lol


Do not wear skinny jeans. They're for homos and hipsters.


That's a fucking roger.....


Why all the AE hate, they make some seriously comfortable hoodies. Everyone gotta be a hater.


My penis is too big for skinny jeans.

Some may not have that problem - my condolences.



American Eagle is the only brand that makes my inseam size... XS (28"). FML. I am an elf trapped in a giant world :[


I would go to jail for indecent exposure in them sons of bitches.

I have to say, if you fit into shit like that....what are you doing on this site?



of course clothing companies aren't exact. In fact, a woman's size 10 today is no where near the same as a size 10 from the 50's.

and you should measure your waist at the belly button, and I hope you're not wearing your pants at that part Erkel.


Banana Republic straight legged jeans fit me pretty well through the leg and ass. I don't have the biggest legs though.


hahaha not SKINNY jeans, the jeans I wore when I was skinnier in my avi. these pairs are straight leg jeans. when I sit down they are snug on my legs.

I have no idea where to get a decent pair of jeans though. my gf usually buys me stuff from express but their jeans are obscenely expensive and I don't think they've ever heard of straight leg jeans. even their boot cut stuff is low rise...

yes, I usually avoid the mall. I hate the crowds of slow people...


Dude, with the progress you are making, anything you buy now likely won't fit a year from now.