Waist Size and Deads

I am starting to do heavy deads and rack pulls again. I love the development in the rear chain from them.

My question is, when people say their waist size goes up with doing them what exactly are they taling about.

I would think the muscle in the torso is getting bigger right?

So doing these would help someone when they are getting lean to see their abs?

So if someone had a small waist and is looking to see abs this would be a good thing?

Flame away but atleast answer the question please.

I would think that no matter your goals, deadlifts would be good for increasing abdominal muscle size and strength. You can definitely “build your own belt” with deadlifts.

I understand… I personally think deads are the best exercise!

I am talking better than squats, so they are a part of my routine.

I am curious about waist size because:

1)I am getting leaner and I am not stopping til I see my abs.

2)I will adjust the weight I do if it will make my waist too big. I don’t do them all the time and I can go pretty heavy so if there is a point I would want to stop i.e. 500lbs, 600lbs or 700lbs I would like to know.

Uhm, if you’re losing a lot of weight don’t expect to have to worry about a 700 lb deadlift. I mean, where are you currently?

I pull 520 lbs at 5’8 and 178 lbs. I have a hard time thinking that unless you’re a truly exceptional strength athlete, that you’ll have a 6-pack and pull 700 lbs.

Just sayin’.

weighted sit ups will help your waist get bigger more then deads. Sure they will help but do other things for your abs also. Your waist isn’t going to get huge either, look at marius pudzianowski he can deadlift close to 900lbs and has fairly thin waist for the massive amount of weight he pulls and weight he carries. Don’t worry about it just do them.

Shizen, that’s what I was looking for…

dhuge67, I don’t train deads that often but I can pull over 500 without straps while dieting…

Not BSing. Just tryin to give the info.

This is the reason I was asking the question.

When I get my bf low enough I am gonig to start going heavy again and I want to try and focus on pulling as much weight as I can.

So 600 plus isn’t out of the question. After some serious training.