Waist Size and Bulking

I’ve been bulking since around late Sept and have added around 15 lbs. I’ve been doing the Anabolic Diet and am very pleased with fat/mass ratio. I have noticed in the past few weeks that my pants are starting to get a little tight.

My question is, during bulks, how many of you feel that you add inches around the waist. I would like to keep on gaining, but hate to have to buy new pants that will be too loose in the waist when I cut towards summer. I was wondering if anyone has a philosophyi.e. having a few pair of pants an inch or two larger in the waist for bulks, or anything of that nature. Thanks.

I have pants that I can only wear when I bulk. It’s nice to have something a little big. I also have a lot of atletics type pants with elastic waists. However my waist usually isn’t the problem when I bulk. My thighs tend to get bigger. I guess that where my body likes to store its extra “size”.

Well I tend to wear pants that are to large around the waist all year in order to have them comfortable around thighs. During gaining periods ( like the last 18+ months) I know its time to cut back intake or up cardio a bit when they become tight around the waist. Nothing drastic just an adjustment to stop the excess fat gain.