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Waist Growth from Powerlifting?

Here is the deal, I am currently sitting at around 225 lbs @ 5’10" with a 40 inch waist (at the navel), but a few years ago when I was doing body building style training with no squatting or deadlifting I got up to a 40 inch waist but was about 10 lbs lighter.

I know I have put on muscle since then (my legs are much bigger, and my arms are sightly bigger, but train them about 25% as much as I used to).

I know this is one of those questions that can’t be answered with much certainty, but I am looking for personal experience here.

Would you say I could have put 2 inches (or other amount) of muscle around my waist with 2 years of powerlifting?

I really don’t care much about aesthetics, just wanted your thoughts so I can evaluate my progress. In fact if I get some hypertrophy in the midsection I see that as a positive.


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