Waht is a good brand of fish oil to buy and where???

Whether in capsule or oil form, where is a good place on the net or in person to buy a good quality (what kinds) of fish oil??

I found cheap flaxseed oil at vitanet i got 26 oz for 26$ including shipping…it was barleans high lignan. The ywere supposed to send 32oz but didnt have it so i got 4 extra oz…pretty coool…i owuld like to know about fish oil and where to find it

If you have a sam’s club in your area, get the members mark brand, 300 caps for around 8 bucks, high quality too.

I buy the Member’s Mark brand at Sam’s Club. $6.99 for 300, each of which has 180/120 EPA/DHA. Good price, reputable brand.

I get Dale Alexander Emulsified Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate from fitrx. 24 servings per bottle, 1 serving is about 1.5g of EPA/DHA, $10.95/bottle. Not sure how well it holds up as far as going rancid, though. Also, there is Sam’s Club Member’s Mark fish oil that is fairly cheap.

Twin Lab’s “Dale Alexander Super MaxEPA Softgel Capsules”. I use these because they have only 25 calories total for every 750 mg of combined DHA/EPA, which works out to 33 calories per gram of DHA/EPA. So, 6 grams is only 200 calories. With many, most, or maybe all other products, 6 grams worth of DHA/EPA is a lot more calories.

They are available at “Netrition”.

Salmon oil 90 caps for $2.45 quality stuff at

There’s the Searslabs pharmeucetical (sp?) grade fish oil. Comes in a lime flavor (the fishy smell has been removed, not simply masked) and I could be put it in the freezer without turning it solid. Available on the Searslabs site. Because of production costs, It’s expensive though, especially if you take high amounts (I take six grams of EPA/DHA but I also take the Twinlab pills).

Trader Joe’s sells an Omega-3 fatty acid capsule supplement. Each softgel contains EPA 300mg and DHA 200mg.
90 softgels sell for $7.99.

I use “Fisol” by Natures Way.It has enteric-coated capsules meaning you don’t burp it up the rest of the day.Go to Netrition.com.

Kilosports, awesome price on high quality fish oil. As the name implies you can order by the kilo.