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WAGH! Workplace

With all the food everyone’s been chowing down on, there now comes the inevitable “we need to start losing weight” resolutions.

Several women at my job have started a cash prize contest to see who can lose the most weight by a certain date.

Fine. No problem there and more power to 'em.

Then a couple of the women talk about what they’ve been eating recently. One’s been skipping breakfast, eating a big lunch, then a snack for dinner. The other had a lunch of fried chicken and a small salad with bacon bits and fat free dressing. Yet another has small meals throughout the day…made up of chips and crackers.

Berardi and Shugart wept.

Does anyone else here feel my pain?

The funny part to me when I see these situations is that none of these people ever thinks of stepping foot in a gym. Nope, if I eat nothing, I’ll get a “toned” stomach in no time.

I feel your pain, but you being a knowledgable person on the subject(I assume), I hope that you will offer them some advice instead of watching them fail while gritting your teeth.

I’m not the most knowledgable guy on nutrition but I’ve kept up with things through t-mag articles and the forum. Enough to give someone a good start (at least I’d like to think so).

I’ve thought about talking to a few of them, but I know most of my advice would be too ‘radical’, since most of these women don’t even like going to the gym (it gets them sweaty and icky) and to be honest, I think they like their food too much to give it up.

In a sense, it kinda reminds of me Shugart’s ‘Moral of the Story’ where he thinks about writing up a meal plan for a friend of his.

I think I will talk to one of our receptionists and give her some basics, but I’m not expecting anything.

I do feel your pain. I actually went so far as to write up a diet (based on a combination of Berardi’s and Polliquin’s ideas) and a starter workout plan for one of our secretaries who was complaining to me and asked me for help. This was about 2 months ago. She has yet to start – one week she was going on vacation, then she was sick, then it was Thanksgiving, etc. She has about a million excuses, but the bottom line is she doesn’t want to give up eating like crap and go to the gym 4X a week.

They sound like lost causes to me. Drop them pointers if you want, but it sounds like their asses will spread regardless of what you tell them. I find it more amusing than frustrating. You can find strength in their weakness.

I get asked for advice alot because people saw me loose 65lbs over about 6 months. The most common response when I point them in the right direction and give them places to read up ( like T-mag) is “I dont want to do all that, just tell me what you ate.”

Yes, I feel your pain. Even though I’ve not made any gains in the last several months, I average 1 comment a week along the lines of “Wow, are you losing weight? You look great!” simply because I don’t eat the crap everyone else eats this time of year. They are busy blowing up like stuffed sausages and my size 6’s just keep looking smaller by comparison.

What I did get a kick out of was bringing a plate of cut up Grow bars to one of the many pot-luck lunches. They were the favorite “dessert” until someone asked me what they were and where I got them. When I said they were protein bars from a body building supplement company, everyone who had been gorging on them paused…looked at the bars…and slowly put them down and picked up a brownie instead. Comic isn’t it? They dig the things but when they find out they’re good for you, they run for brownies instead.

Haha. Ya, then tell them what you ate and they will be like “I don’t want to give up my good tasting food.” Excuses, excuses. Until they have the desire to change, they won’t change.

I feel your pain. We need a huge public service anouncement on how to eat right. There should be 4 years of nutrition and exercise in high school. Not that 1 semester of health that i had. it should be in addition to and not in place of regular gym class. the only problem is it would be writen by a bunch of unimformed conservatives who would give bad advice. Like eating a bunch of white floor on a high carb low fat diet. They will say “McDonalds is bad. Theres too much fat in the meat. Dont eat fatty meat.” Well Salmon is a fatty meat. And what about the bad processed carbs and sugar that is never mentioned when people talk about fast food making you fat. Look at what the ladies are eating. Crackers and chips? Only one of them is trying to eat small meals through out the day. and i bet their exercise routines are full of cardio with very little to no weight training. we need some real education on exercise out there.

Why don’t you get in on the bet and take all their money?

Man, I see this all the time. They are making it too difficult. Look, this goes for everyone, not just these office fuck-ups! Eat small meals throughout the day. Preferably 4-6 meals. Eat lean meats, plenty of veggies and some fruit. Avoid all grains, processed foods and junk. Follow some of Jay Robb’s advice (www.jayrobb.com) and learn to use plenty of whole foods to get super lean and healthy. The only people who should be eating any type of grain or starchy veggies are people who train more than an hour and a half each day. So the general population should not eat any rice, bread, pasta, potatoes or corn. And they should avoid some fruit that sends your insulin levels sky high (grapes, bananas, etc.). Jay Robb has some great articles and good, no nonesense advice. It’s easy to follow, and you don’t have to give people some of Berardi’s crazy meal combo recommendations. Just stick to basic whole foods that are good for you! And yes, you can get lean without exercising, but these people should be exercising in order to help shed the fat faster and to become healthy. Isn’t that what it’s supposed to be about?

I thought about it since I’ve slacked off training after Thanksgiving and need to lose a couple pounds, but one of the women had mentioned it was off limits to guys because “you all don’t have to worry about getting fat”.

Feh. The extra cash would be nice, but I’m looking forward to smoking them regardless. =)

yeah, but what was in those brownies,eh? wink wink

I can’t say what was in the brownies… I think next year I’ll bring my batch of Grow bars AND a batch of ExLax brownies (anonymously of course). That way when they run for the brownies, I’ll be smirking about where they’ll be running next.

I feel your pain Jaster. Being a student, I’m starting clinicals again tomorrow. And being a male in a much dominated female work environment is hard enough already. But, it gets even worse when they all go on their diets. I agree with everyones statements on this topic. The only thing is is that tomorrow it starts all over again as to why I bring my lunch and why in the world I eat such weird stuff. Oh, the agony…