waddaya think??

ok, heres the deal. I am currently 260 lbs/35% bf/5’11". I have one year to get down to a trim 197 lbs, or 18% bf. At 28 yrs old I have decided to live out my dream of becoming a marine. However, enlistment standards are pretty strict and in order to enlist, I must reach one of these goals. Is it possible todrop that much bf in one year safely? waddaya think?

Yes. Painful, but very possible.

Defiantely, GET TO WORK! :wink:

don’t accept that you can’t. start today. Don’t waste time. Commit to your training. Log your food. Start increasing either your weight or your repetitions or your volume every training session.

Yes very posable but you need to plan every month, week, day. Decide now how you are going to train and eat for the next year. Then excute and stay focused. Do not let anyone or anything pull you off goal. You will make it! I would consider alot of running into your plan.

Good Luck!

for sure you can do it. i was at 250 38% BF about 10 months ago and right now im around 197 22% BF i still have a long way to go, to get to my goal(8-10%BF)…but eat clean,lift,do some cardio,and stay motivated and you should be on your way.im sure you can achieve even better results than me, so good luck

Hey Lee,
Absolutely it can be done safely. The ease depends on your mental toughness and disipline in doing your workouts and sticking to eating properly.
I’d do one of two things, either get in touch with Coach Davies as he can help with a program for your goals of weight loss and preparing for bootcamp or whatever style of training you do for weights make sure you add GPP (weighted and non weighted) and Christian Thib’s running man program.

You’ve come to the right place. But please no bullshit dieting…No Hollywood liquid plans, no starvation, no eating nothing but crackers or any other crap like that. Eat properly, sleep properly, train properly, reach your goals properly. It’s that simple!Read EVERYTHING you can that’s available here, and get to work. Lot’s of good stuff for you to try.

Good luck and welcome to the T-family