WADA Testing, Prescription Meds/Test

Just had a question so I could better assist one of my clients. He’s training for a powerlifting competition under USAPL, according to the rules and the wada drug testing he is not supposed to compete unless he is three years clean. Back in February he was prescribed by a doctor A type of testosterone because of an injury and has been off of it since April. If he has to be drug tested would he fail Considering he hasn’t used since April. This question rose during training. (He’s not hearing test and every other steroid to get huge and strong it was for medical purposes)

Why not just compete in an untested federation like USPA? It isn’t like powerlifting competitions are few and far between. There is probably a somewhat local USPA meet somewhat near by, and at somewhat the same time.

When I got on TRT, I didn’t even bother with getting an medical use exemption, I just went straight to untested. Most people (that have some understanding of the sport) understand that there is a wide range of use, and that not everybody competing untested is blasting their faces off. That and it’s an individual sport for most in it (outside of the top guys). Who cares how you place if you improve.

You should be fine from a urine test and blood test, that’s plenty of time for clearance. Lie detector may be tougher but I don’t know the method of testing. When I did natural bodybuilding they started with lie detector because it was easier, and then the winners would have to submit to a chemical test. Agree with @mnben87 though. Just do an untested comp. And since this is in twice I am assuming you are indeed the client?

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It isn’t like they even announce that it is untested either. My parents went to one of my comps that was untested, and they still have no idea I am using gear.


Sounds suspect.


Testosterone? Or some sort of corticosteroid? Seems odd for a Dr to Rx test for an injury, and for a short period of time. Not really how it works.

I read it as “I, the client, used testosterone recreationally, and now want to compete drug tested”.


He had testosterone prescribed to him in order for a medical condition, there’s nothing suspicious about that ?

There is everything suspicious about that. Testosterone is not a short term prescription in most cases. It doesn’t fix anything beyond existing low testosterone. What was his condition?

Erectile dysfunction, apparently stopped taking to compete

why wouldn’t he take Cialis or viagra for that? three months of testosterone is not gonna fix that, and any benefits would go away once he stopped. it’s just a weird decision by his doctor.

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Not his doctor not my concern.

To answer your question no, he may get caught, but it’s unlikely if his testosterone:epitestosterone levels are within range. WADA also has tests that can find metabolites, but with a bio identical hormone like testosterone it’s pretty much impossible to prove anything via metabolites being present.

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My question I guess in better scale
Is it a lifter stopped using testosterone in April, would he be able to pass a Wada test in December?

Very likely.

Provided carbon isotope testing isn’t present (tests don’t usually look for the ester) one might even pass on a bit of androgel or something. Lance Armstrong passed for years, but if I recall correctly he was using testosterone in high end therapeutic to modestly supratherapeutic dosages year round.

Really depends on baseline testosterone/epitestosterone ratio.

If you’d used nandrolone decanoate six months ago and wanted to compete in December you’d fail… But we are talking about testosterone. T/epiT ratios with supraphysiologic dosages of long estered test typically remain out of whack for three months or so.

Even TRT, over time (on average) will throw these values out of whack. If you’ve got a baseline TT of 200 and a t/epiT ratio of 1:2 and you boost up to 700mg/DL on trt… You’re going to pop hot…

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So if you were to do just test e at 250 from Jan till March, and stop completely would you still pop hot on a Wada test in December

Probably not

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Appreciate the simple answer. I know from what he showed me his bloodwork his levels are not above the normal if anything they’re below but I didn’t want to give him false information because I don’t know about the whole testing process. Thank you