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WADA/IOC Approved Supplements


I'm not sure If anyoen has asked this before but would taking Biotest products potentially cause you to fail a doping test ?, I've been using some of the products for while and they're great. But in about a year my sport will call for fairly regular doping tests.

So does anyone know for sure if the products would pass the tests and if so/if not which ones in particular.


All Biotest products are free of any ingredient in the WADA prohibited list and no Biotest product will cause testing failure.


all right good to know. cheers mate


What about NCAA?


caffeine is banned by ncaa. Spike and HOT-ROX can cause a positive test


dang. well, there goes my plan for going out for BYU football.


The caffeine isn't an issue for me Im playing rugby in England the RFU don't have bans on caffeine, so I'm all good


The caffeine ban is not an absolute one, but rather a limit on urinary concentration at 15 mcg/mL. This corresponds -- very roughly as of course conditions will vary -- to taking 500 mg in the hour or hours before the test.

So it is not that caffeine-containing products must be avoided in general while remaining NCAA-legal, but rather that larger amounts of caffeine can't be consumed shortly before an event.


exactly. youre given 24 hours notice so unless youre an idiot its pretty much impossible to fail due to caffeine


Just on this note,I'm wondering if Indigo-3G contains ingredients on the WADA banned list?It's the only thing stopping me from making a purchase at the moment...


What you can do is scroll down to the bottom of this page and call the toll free number. That's why it is there.


edit: Put up the wrong one.

Pretty cool, it's an app.