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Wacky study

The study that said college girls preffer scrawny men for marriage and muscular stallions for flings is grossly flawed, false and misrepresentative of the truth.

Girls preffer lean men,that is true over fat men. Yet…muscular men are very in demand for marriage.

My first wife ( a Nicole Kidman lookalike… by the way…)liked the fact that I had lots of muscle. It was not the ONLY thing she loved about me, but, let me tell you… IT MATTERED to her. I won out over a soft overweight , compliant. over-worshipping “nice -guy” type.

It was my attitude of not being a wimp at her beck and call that won her over and she mentioned the muscles as a big plus…so…what is disturbing is that those girls in that poll are telling a sad story: -Marry the safe guy they can boss around and milk for money and then…unfortunately for him…cheat later with the lean muscular studs. Thank God all women are not all like that! I pity those guys. Better yet…Let then hit the gym hard and taste some hard earned respect machismo. My Callista Flockhart lookalike girl of 3 years CRAVES my body ( ThankS Biotest by the way !)…arent we men after all???

Noo too tough to figure out.

Your Calista Flockhart and Nicole Kidman lookalikes are Ectomorphs. As you know, they have a hard time putting on either weight or muscular mass. So if Ms. Ectomorph mates with and Ectomorph dad, poor dame almost has no hope of having anything else than a Tall Skinny, which we all know makes very masculine guys. But this could be very advantageous if the child is a girl. Well, with todays standards ehehehe.

From an evolutionary sense, it is all logical that they search for something to complement their genepool.

1 Ectomorph + 1 Ectomorph = Very very good chances of having an Ectomorph.

1 Ectomorph + (1 Endomorph OR 1 Mesomorph) = Better chances of having something else than Tall and Skinnies.

Evolutionary instinct speaking. They`re searching for what they cannot have in their genetic blueprint. Simple as that!

I should know. I am in the same situation as you. Ectos and mini-Ectos (skinny petites, not beach balls) are they only types of Babes I attract.

I had never really thought about it but most of the girls I have ever dated have always been on the petite side. I am not saying that I am a walking mountain of muscle but people can tell that I work out.Maybe its true and its all in the genetics I guess.

I like the theory, though I’m not too sure how well it stands up to inspection really. I’m medium size… people that don’t work out would tell me I’m big, but I’m by no means going to be the biggest guy in the gym (provided it ain’t a fitness center). And I’ll admit all the girls I’ve been attracted to are thinner girls, so in that sense it makes sense.

But then you don’t see many thinner guys attracted to bigger girls… except one of my friends, but we won’t discuss him. And you see skinny people with skinny people, and big people with big people all the time. In fact, that’s the whole thing on overweight families really.

I see where you`re coming from Nights. My take:

  1. Size: Its relative. While you consider yourself medium, its all in the eye of the beholder. If you`re far bigger than petite/ecto who looking at you, that starts and ends there. Consequently, a German female Hammer Thrower could also find you small. All relative. Welcome to the wonderful world of offer and demand. ;0)

  2. Skinny/skinny and big/big couples. Like sometimes attracts like. If Joe is Ectomorphic and hyperactive, he`ll probably never be understood by and Endomorphic (beach ball) slow-mo type, and the reverse. Almost a strange natural selection thing…

  3. Overweight. Yes, its a plague and it screws the perception. If you took 2 Baby Boomer beach balls, youd have to travel back in time to find out how they looked back then when attraction took place. Years have passed, they added fat, so the fat is really a smokescreen in these cases. They could have been 2 rails who, for example of accidents, joint problems, traumas, bad habits, eventually devolved into fatties, even if their frames would not have led one to believe that could be so years later.

Just my 2 cents.

So you trying to tell me this is why my skinny ass can only get fat chicks? Damnit!


Hey, Mikeyali, if you have a better explanation, I`m listening. :0)

It just surprises me that what people find attractive is very much linked to instinctive genepool-upgrading radar.

I am pale skinned, have auburn hair, blue eyes, and therefore am not a great success in the summer/suntanning department. I hate summer and don`t tan well or deeply. Bizarrely, dark-eyed dark-haired, dark-skinned babes will always get my attention more than their pale-skinned blonde and redheads equivalents.

Why do short girls seem to prefer tall guys? Protection and helping get rid of the smallness gene.

Why do beautiful babes harpy rich men? To insure that lifestyle is guaranteed and that their genes will go down in history without having to worry about the child`s needs. That an upgrading their genes with oubviously successful ones on top of that.

Why do chicks who didn`t look at tall Ectos in high school go crazy when said Ecto comes back years later with an additional 50 pounds of muscle? Expressed genetic potential.

Will an agressive mate seek a wimp mate? Nope. Too much to lose.

Given the choice, will an attractive person flock to an ugly or average one? Nope. Who`d want to downgrade their beauty genepool? Up it? Yes. Downgrade it? No, unless the rest of the package compensates.

Etc. Etc. Etc. Oversimplification, but left alone nature`s autopilot is not that complicated. And it usually makes a lot of sense, too.

I was watching PBS and they said women preferred strong men with narrow hips. I can’t remember how they tied it into the inherent desire to procreate.

i just did a research paper on gene pools, selection mostly has to do with perceived virility. for example, i am an ectomorph but i’ve packed on enough muscle to be mistaken for a naturally high T meso, therefore seeming more desirable when looked at from an instinctive point of view. interestingly, jawlines have a lot to do with women’s perceptions on men.

an aside, small skinny girls are the only ones that hit on me but i am more attracted to fuller, wide hipped (not necessarily fat assed) women.

i figured it out

women prefer … (sound the trumpets) brad pitt

they have instant orgasms when they see him


Too bad the paper`s not online. I often hear or read your conclusions here and there, but have never seen a dedicated paper or webpage on it.

Thanks for the input!

I am generally a short guy (5’5). I weigh around 170 with a bodyfat of about 6%. All in all, I’m a pretty stocky and muscular guy…but I’m short. Based on personal experiences, height doesn’t really matter. My girls always appreciated the muscles and attitude. ok, ok, the Ranger tab helps too, but that’s besides the point. Not one girl I’ve ever dated gave a damn about my height because she knew I could take care of business when I had to. Girls care about a guy’s confidence and attitude more than height. I read once that when women see a muscular guy, that triggers a primitive mechanism in their brain saying that guy would produce good offspring and have the balls to protect them…but I’m not too sure about that. All I know is that women care about their man’s powerful presence and muscles really help them see that presence. Take gorillas for example. What gorilla goes home with the female and taps that ass whenever he likes? That’s right, the badass that will whoop anyone’s ass that threatened him. I’m not saying that women think like gorillas, but the same principle applies to humans on a smaller scale. RLTW


This is a great thread.

Any study that uses the opinions of women for its results is automatically flawed. What women say they respond to and what they actually respond to are two entirely different things.

geez. To think they actually use federal grant money for that type of crap.


My girl (a Teri Hatcher lookalike BTW) also views Brad Pitt’s physique as the perfect male body. We are clearly in disagreement over this, as he is clearly not very built. Shredded, yes, but I doubt he is strong.

Most girls will give me an honest opinion if I really dig. From what I’ve been told, women are attracted first to a man’s physical appearance, but the X factor is his “intelligence level.” Interpret that how you want, but most smart people eventually figure out how to make decent money, and most people in positions of power are intelligent.

So, even though she says the most important thing in a guy is intelligence and having the “total package,” you can pretty much just refer to the ladder theory if you have any questions.

Intelligence level means more then getting a job or getting into a position of power. In fact, there are a lot of charismatic leaders that aren’t exceptionally bright, and there are brillant people who will never amount to anythiny socially or economically in this world.

That said, and I’m almost afraid to ask this question, how many people would date/marry a hot girl about as smart as a stick? Personally, regardless of how good looking you are, the moment you open your mouth and remind me of a two year old eating a crayon… attaction is lost.

Here’s a funny excerpt from an e-mail I got from someone who saw my website,

“It is very important for me to build muscles because it works with the girls…yeahhh absolutely. Girls in my college nowadays prefer muscular boys to be their life partner. They don’t look at our wealth or handsome face. They admire our muscles.”

Do you always write to yourself like that Kev? Very sweet.