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WAAAaaay OFF topic: need the hookup on deodorant!

Okay, this is an odd one. I need a major hookup on this. I’m calling out to the European and Mexican T-men/women out there to find me some Obao deodorant for men. I need the following:

  1. Price per bottle
  2. Price per case
  3. Price to ship a case or bottle to TX.

I know that’s a big request, but this would score some MAJOR points with a friend of mine who I won’t see again in about 6 months. It would mean a lot…


I think what you need to do is go to asia where there are all types of deoderant. And on aplus note if you do not find your deoderant you can at least ride in a “rickshaw”
:slight_smile: Groove

'Sall 'bout the rickshaw, kidies! word 'em up, Groove.

That is funny you should mention it, because I was in a small china shop yesterday and there was little old chinese lady who was totally like “i’mma rickshaw you until you can;t walk no more” so I pulled out my guitar and totally started wailing. She was so blown away that she let me pork her right there in the shop.
:slight_smile: Groove

Oh yah, forgot to mention Thread totally highjacked!!!
:slight_smile: groove

Have to make it official Groove. HAVE to make it official.

Ha! You bastards! Way to hijack my thread, when I’m trying to do something very nice for a close friend (who happens to be female and a friend of my entire family). Evil, I say, evil…

For the record, I don’t know why she likes men’s deodorant. She used to live in Panama, and that’s what she prefers. Now, she can’t find it. This would be a humorous/meaningful gift.

Hijacking punks… :wink:

While I do agree that the thread WAS Hijacked wizard style, I think that the wizard should have a pogo stick. What can’t a wizard do??? Definetly not not jump on a pogo stick.
:slight_smile: Groove

Okay, this is just pure dickness.