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W4SB vs. Designer Athlete

Which program do you guys prefer? I'm thinking of starting one of them soon and I'd like input from people who have tried either or both of them.

what the fuck is deigner athlete?

It’s a program made by Mike Robertson a few years ago. Here’s the link to it:

I prefer designer athletes by far as an off-season program. IMHO it is structured much better and really hammers your posterior chain muscles, which can never be strong enough if you’re an athlete. I also think it is easier to customize, which is huge because no cookie cutter program works for everyone. It is also more appropriate for more advanced trainees because, according to Joe DeFranco, WS4SB is geared towards “skinny bastards”. This means it is best for beginners and high school athletes that play several sports and don’t have a real off season. If you fall into one of those categories then maybe you should consider WS4SB, but if you’re more advanced and specialize in one sport then go with designer athletes and tailor it to fit your needs.

The only problem with the above advice is most people are not in the advanced category but the beginner. Frank yang would be an example of someone who is advanced. Remember people you are not as advanced as you think.Either will work fine.

WS4SB is easily adaptable for your needs, but builds off the tried and tested WS template, if you take the time to trawl the “ask Joe section” on defranco’s site, he gives recommendations for all sorts of athletes, on season recommendations etc. Additionally check out eliteFTS where there are further additions to defranco’s idea’s

Ive been using Variations of Westside template since starting on WS4SB for about 3 years now.
How ever i cant comment on designer athletes

I’m glad this topic came up so I could see Designer Athlete. That was almost exactly how I was trying to make up my own programming.

There were only a couple things I changed in order for it to work for me. One was swapping out the ankle and calf stuff for neck work. It is also missing ab work, so I may also try to sneak some in along with the last couple movements each day.

[quote]aminge37 wrote:
Which program do you guys prefer? I’m thinking of starting one of them soon and I’d like input from people who have tried either or both of them.[/quote]

My off season training starts next Monday and I can tell you I will be following Joe Defranco’s WSFSB template. Over the years I have tinkered with certain parts of it to suit my sporting needs a little better but I think the program is a winner.

I’m very happy with it and have seen good amounts of progress and less time in the weight room than what I used to. I’ve recommended it to many different people and have always come back with good reviews.

They’re more or less the same to me. I mean what’s really different? 2 heavy days instead of one and a dynamic/repitition? One starts with a squat and one starts with a pull, seems like the same basic idea just different moves. Not really different to me, just different names and authors

WS4SB Part 3. Available tomorrow on Defranco’s site and Elite FTS.