W1kk3d's Log

Figured I would go ahead and have a place where I can keep my training in sync and hopefully keep myself motivated. A quick background about myself: 24 years old, 5’11 and 165lbs. Been on and off with lifting for a couple years now, nothing too extreme. I had a lot of training ADD and was definitely not getting anywhere fast. I joined the army about 6 months ago and was about 150 before basic and now I have gained about 15lbs since and like the intensity and focus that I have developed. So I have been hitting the gym the last few weeks to get myself back to somewhere around my usual.

Squat - 270
Deadlift - 305
Bench - 195
Military - 155

Currently doing a 5/3/1 routine. That’s what I’ll be sticking with as long as I am making steady gains. Diet-wise I was blessed/cursed with an extremely quick metabolism so I am basically on an eat everything in my path style diet. I know it’s not the best but until I can get a normal eating schedule set up, it will have to be as good as it gets. I’ll get things started Monday!

Mon - 8-8-11
Military Press 95x5, 105x5, 120x7 Should have had 8 on the last one but I got a major cramp in my lower back and almost dumped the weight
Dip bwx5x10
Chins bwx5x10

I know I need to add weight to both dips and chins but I have a PT test in the morning and didn’t wanna completely screw myself over. All in all everything felt pretty decent.

Deadlift 180x5, 210x5, 235x8
Goodmorning 95x5x10 Never done a goodmorning a day of my life. Need major work on getting comfortable with this and getting it correct.
Hanging Leg Raise bwx5x15

This morning I had my new PT test:

60yd Shuttle Sprint - 14sec
1 minute of rowers(basically situps) - 57
Standing Long Jump - 96"
1 minute of Pushups - 57
Mile and a half - 11:30 (I HATE RUNNING!!!)

Not too bad of a day. Supposedly we have a 10 mile run tomorrow. I’m thinking about going ahead and breaking my leg tonight to save me the embarrassment tomorrow.