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W/O Sucked This Morning!


My schedule dictates me to train early in the morning.

Today after 4 hours of sleep I went for the 4th week of TBT and it sucked!

I was weak.
I was tired.
I started ditching reps.
It felt bad.

I'm ashamed.

Since I can't work out at later hours at least for a few months...can you give me some hints how to get started that early.

I had 2 eggs, 1 cup of oats and 1.5 scoops ultimate whey (no Grow! available) for breakfast.

Should I sip a can of coffee instead?
Should I take ice-cold showers?
Should I skip my w/o if I feel that tired.

What does the early birds among T-Nation get ready for lifting early in the morning?

  • yawning WebEyE.


I'm not converted to the darkside yet, but I do use pseudoepherine and coffee to give me a good morning workout.

Use appropriate psyche up like heavy metal music.

Just my $0.02



Sounds like you're a candidate for overtraining.


Not enough of the first two, or too much of the third, and your results are going to suffer. As long as you are only allowing yourself to sleep for 4 hours a night, maybe you need to reconcile yourself to less intense training. When you can build 8 hours of sleeping into your schedule, then think about ramping up training intensity.


Get more sleep?


Dude, I feel your pain. I have to get up at 3:30-3:45AM in order to get in my gym time and still make the 30-mile commute to the office. Now, I don't know why you only got 4 hours of sleep; maybe it's just the nature of your schedule, but personally, I am asleep before 9:00 every night. It took a while, but I am completely used to it: in bed by 8:30 and out like a light in 15 minutes. I pre-set the coffee pot to brew at 3:30 and I have a glass of water and one Spike (two on leg day) on the nightstand.

1) Alarm goes off;
2) take Spike and hit snooze;
3) out of bed 9 minutes later ready to kicke much butte!


Well... more sleep was not an option tonight. Usually I get about 6 to 7h.

But if I wanna be consistent in my training I had to go, right?

If I ditch my w/o once, I'll do it again....I know myself. No need for TBT if i train that irregularly.

Psyching myself up a little more might be a good start. Perhaps I should take my mp3-player with me more often.

Not enough sleep. Agreed.
Not enough Food. Don't know? To little breakfast for an intense w/o?
Don't you feel fed up if u eat that much early in the morning shortly before training?

Thx 4 yr replies.


Can't be done on 4hrs sleep dude.

You need at least 7hrs to feel vaguely human.


'cos you worked yourself out.