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Vvfoo's Mini Progress PR Log



Description- 5ft 8in, 165lbs empty & 170lbs full, 16 years and 2 months old. I will update this description as time goes on.In this mini PR log I will list my significant PR’s in the gym to track my progress. I tried keeping a paper log but im very messy so I lost my other logs.Having it on here will act as a backup. I will only track progress on my weight, bench, strict OHP, and perhaps some other machines as to not make it too complicated.I will list all my old PRs and important dates/lifts right under this.New PRs will be added on.(I only cared to write down my bench progress when I started as it was a way to measure my strength.)

July 23,2017 Gym Membership Bought.-(20 days after 15th birthday)(Bodyweight-140)
July 26,2017 First Bench PR 90lbs.
September 4,2017 Bench PR 150lbs.
February 11,2018 Bench PR 185lbs.
June 7,2018 Bench PR 160 for 10.
June 26,2018 Bench PR 215lbs.
July 5,2018 Bench PR 165 for 10.
July 9,2018 Bench PR 170 for 10.
July 11,2018 First Strict Overhead Press PR(standing) 90lbs.
July 16,2018 Bench PR 225.
August 9,2018 Bench PR 230.
August 17,2018 Bench PR 175 for 10.
August 17,2018 Strict OHP PR 130lbs.
August 27,2018 Strict OHP PR 135lbs.
September 11,2018 Bench PR 225 for 2.
September 11,2018 Bench PR 180 for 10.


September 14,2018 Bench PR 185 for 9.


September 15,2018 Dip PR 265lbs for 7. (170lb bodyweight + 2 45lb plates + chain belt=5lb)