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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



why do all your posts come through twice? every single post you make shows withdrawn, followed by your post.

Anyway, maybe they do something prior to shipping that I’m not aware of that ‘breaks them in’. Honestly, I think the breaking in process is just not a big deal for 10mm belts regardless.

My pioneer belt felt better after a few sessions than when I first received it. So even if there is some breaking in done before you get it, you’ll still need to get some use out of it before it’s 100% ready for competition. You mentioned needing the belt asap, are you competing in something soon?


I keep forgetting to reply to you and end up replying to my thread. Im not competing, I just dont want to use a Velcro belt that can injure me for 2 more months. I dont think that belt is IPF approved either. Ill get a better belt if I decide to compete. How fast did your belt come in?
(Edit-forgot to reply to @flipcollar)


found this video from the company. Basically, they say they don’t break it in, but as I mentioned before, only 13mm really needs that done in the first place. The more important thing is actually learning how to brace properly with the belt, and figuring out belt position. That’s going to take some time. You should get some immediate benefit, without question, but really learning to make the most of it can take… honestly years for some people. I’ve been wearing a belt and competing at a high level for awhile now, and I still work on improving bracing and how I use my belts for different lifts.

If you buy the pioneer, you’ll never need to ‘upgrade’ to compete. So don’t worry about that. The video mentions that people have squatted 1000 lbs in their single prong, double suede 10mm belt. It’s really that good. If I hadn’t gotten my SBD belt so cheap, I’d still be using my pioneer for everything.

Mine came in about 4 days from ordering it. I live in Texas. Transit times would obviously vary, but I’d expect it within a week almost anywhere, unless you get a weird color or stitching. My belt was grey, standard stitching.


No writing on it right? I like simple belts that dont have branding on them.


January 8,2018 Deadlift PR 315 for 8. Went from doing 4 reps to 8 reps in about a month. Those 4 reps were grinders too. These 8 reps went up like nothing and could have probably did 10 but grip started to fail.


All set. Thanks for helping me choose belt.


hell yea man! you’re gonna love it! enjoy the ‘new belt smell’ lol.


January 10,2019 Bench PR 200 for 7.
Also did two reps of overload negatives with 265. I lift the weight off myself and as slowly as possible lower the weight down to my chest. Then my spotter (must be a strong dude) helps the weight back up as it is 15lbs over my max. I usually do 1-3 reps with this as long as the spotter doesn’t struggle to help me get the weight up. I do this to get my CNS prepped for heavier weights in the near future. Do this maybe once every 1.5 months.


A safer way to do that would be bench against pins. Set the pins around the mid ppint of your bench or a few inches from lockout and load the weight up there and press.


My gym has only 2 racks and they are always being used for squatting/ohp. And I would have to drag the bench there and back every workout. Easier just to have a spotter, i only do it once every 50 days or so.


Man I need to keep up with your log more, crazy bench numbers man!


Rogue shipped my belt within a week.


Thanks man,I watch your and dukes logs. Dont know half of the strongman exercises you guys do but the numbers are big. Like what is a yoke?


Do they have the normal belts instock/premade or do they have to make them? Also in what region do you live?



New York. I think their belts are pre-made, but I don’t have any complaints.


I always thought a yoke was just a thick bar for deadlifting. Like the bar with the carriage wheels on it thats very thick. Ive watched some worlds strongest man comps and they never use the actual yoke thing,its always a car or some other large object.


How fast did it take to break in?


I’d give it a week or two. Getting used to it is the hardest part, but it’s worth doing.


January 12,2019 Deadlift PR 365 for 4. About 3 weeks ago I did 345 for 4 and shook for 4th rep. Today I did 365,40lbs more for 4 reps with only triceps shaking.
Also went heavier on dips then I ever have before by doing 110lbs over bodyweight for 3 reps.
(BW 180+110lbs+belt weight 5lbs=295lbs dips)
All dips were perfect form and under parallel, I have video but cant figure out how to post here without posting on IG our Youtube.