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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



Did heavy dips today. Was 179 body weight. First did warmup speed dips. Then did dips with 90lbs over bodyweight for 8 (180+90+5=275lbs total). Next I did dips with a weight I have never done before 100lbs for 4 reps(285lbs total).


I’m not entirely sure, to be honest. I do like it though, and find it works great for me.


Can you measure to see if it’s close to a centimeter?


What does the difference between a 3" and 4" wide belt do?


One is an inch shorter? lol.

I actually don’t think I have a great answer for this. Obviously, a 4" belt covers/braces a significantly larger surface area, 33% more. I honestly don’t know anyone that has a 3" belt, 4" is so standard with serious lifters. So I can’t speak to the effectiveness of a 3" belt.

It may be the case that powerlifting federations don’t allow more than 4". That would explain why 4" has become a standard. Not sure on this though.


So in theory a 6 inch belt would be even better if they allow it in comps?
I though perhaps the 3 inch belt would be more comfortable and easier to break in?


Pro strongmen double belt with 6 inch belts when they’re getting under a 1500 pound yoke.


Interesting. But im guessing the mobility on squats would be hindered using a 6 inch belt/belts.


Maybe? Obviously there is a point somewhere with diminishing returns. Like, a 15" hard belt clearly wouldn’t work. But I’m not sure where that point would be.

Amateur strongmen named Flipcollar double belt when they do axle press (and a handful of other events) because it keeps the skin from being pinched on the continental clean when the axle bar sits on top of the stomach. The soft belt under the hard belt is wonderful for that, and it’s probably like 6". It’s the rehband strongman soft belt.

possibly. To what extent, I’m not sure. Probably depends on torso length, right? It’s interesting that a guy like Hafthor, who is 6’9, is restricted to wearing the same width belt as someone who’s under 5’5, ya know?

I will say that, at 5’11, I can move my belt up and down a fair bit and still be able to squat just fine. So I doubt a 6" belt would be a negative for me.


Flip out of these 2 belts which seems better in terms of quality and usefullness?


The rogue is probably a pretty good quality, if 50ish bucks is about the most you can spend, that would be alright. Rogue is a huge company, so they can sell things a little cheaper by minimizing customization options and mass producing products. That indicates to me there probably isn’t a big difference in quality between their belt and the pioneer one. I’ve never seen a rogue product I didn’t like. What’s funny about this is that rogue generally gets hate for being too expensive, lol. Quality is rarely an issue with them.


Im willing to pay 20 dollars extra for the pioneer if its better, I need a belt delivered within this month. Maybe if rogue is a big brand they can ship faster.


Rouge will definitely be shipped faster. Once you put the belt on I doubt there would be much difference performance wise. Pioneer just looks fancier.


January 7,2019 Bench PR 195 for 10.


rogue and pioneer should both ship fast. When I ordered my pioneer, I received it in 4 days.


[https://generalleathercraft.com/product/double-sided-suede-power-lifting-belt-by-pioneer/ 1]

Is this the belt you got?


yea that looks like it. I got a single prong, rounded tongue. I’m not sure what difference the tongue is supposed to make. Single prong is easy to take off, and plenty strong. I don’t see any reason to go double prong.


It comes broken in right?


is that a joke?

EDIT: I’ll just assume you’re being serious. No, it’s not broken in. I would store it coiled up, at least to start, to get it acclimated to bending. A few training sessions will be sufficient to break it in, I’ve never found that to be terribly difficult.


On a website that compared belts it stated that it comes in comfortable and doesn’t need rolling to break it in. Most reviews also say it feels broken out of the box.