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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



You could consider doing grip work outside of deadlifting then, although I wouldn’t worry THAT much about it, unless it’s something that’s really important to you.

Grip, almost more than anything else, just takes time to build. At your age, it’s not surprising that you’re having grip issues. A lot of deadlifting over the next several years will likely help a lot. Farmer’s carries are also excellent for building grip. Some people like db rows for building grip. I don’t because that’s VERY limiting for me.

So yea, I think the answer to your question really depends on how much you care about it. You might consider using straps for your rep work, and then no straps for your heaviest work. That way, you can continue to work towards adapting to holding heavier loads, and hopefully your grip will get better. And you’ll avoid ‘overtraining’ it, or working your grip towards total exhaustion from rep work. That’s probably what I would do.


Should I use 8 straps or normal? I need cheaper ones.


i like the figure 8 straps a lot more than traditional straps. brand doesn’t matter, they are all the same


December 12,2018 Deadlift PR 325 for 4.


Squat PR 185 for 10.Trying to go up 10 lbs a week for 10 rep maxes.


Did 5 sets of 2 with 225 on bench yesterday. The first set both reps were paused for 2 seconds each. Slowly upping the weight while reducing the sets and reps. Last week my heaviest singles were 240, this week they are 245, next week ill be working with my current max of 250.




December 27,2018 Squat PR 225 for 5. The first pic is a log I made to see how much I really eat. Turns out im a complete fat-ass. 3700 Cal, 144g Fat, 430g Carbs, 163g Protein. Second pic is the one Im probably going to use the the T-Transformation 2019. 3rd Pic is just a random shoulder pic that I will use to see my shoulder progress over the next 5 months.


3 Posts up there is a fullbody picture I took that I plan to use for the t-tranformation 2019,is it an acceptable photo? You cant see my feet and I dont know if thats allowed in the rules.




I dont wanna risk it lmao what if they want to see your calves? (not that i have any)


Bro im dying over here :joy::joy: it’s just a front relaxed pic. Most people on here have tiny calves so i don’t think you have to worry. It’s just about improving your physique overall.



Lmao couple of weeks ago the teacher was explaining BMI to us and decided to show an example. I volunteered and it backfired haha. I dont think he was expecting me to be morbidly overweight and nearly obese.


Goals for 2019- 285 Bench, 350 Squat, 445 Deadlift, 160 Strict OHP.
1000lbs total.


January 1,2019 Deadlift PR 385lbs. PR on the first day of 2019! Extremely happy.


Also finally passed the 900lbs total barrier even with my poverty squat.


Good going mate, congrats! PR on first day, doesn’t start much better than that.


Thanks man,perhaps ill go for a squat PR tomorrow too haha.


January 2,2019 Squat PR 275lbs. Second day of 2019 second PR of 2019. Got a 385 deadlift PR yesterday, and a squat PR today. Had super sore lower back from deadlifts yesterday and the belt popped at the bottom while I was doing the PR but I still got it up. If I was fresh and had a non-velcro belt it would have been much easier.