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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



A good jesus. Definitely start working your middle and rear delts more. you’re pretty swole!


My side delts are pretty trash and that is due to me not able to do any lateral raises properly.Whenever I try to do lateral raises my traps and back start working in way too much.
Rear delts are a bit undersized but I do hit them enough.Many facepulls and reverse flyes. If you can think of a side delt exercises without dumbbells ill be happy to try it.


Try these:

With lateral raises focus on bringing the dumbell away from you, rather than raising it to avoid traps engagement. like stated in the video.

Also i don’t see any overhead pressing variations in your routine.
Watch this video:


Ill see what i can do with lateral raises thanks man.


Just pay attention to the fact that that is a rather large strong man using 8kg to do his laterals. I’ve also seen a vid of a former worlds strongest man doing side lat with 10kg. This should give you a clue about what kinda weight you should use. Don’t be afraid to pick up the 3kgs and just get it right.

I can’t stress enough how much lowering the weight will help with your medial delt development and your ability to get a good contraction in them.

Doing great looking from your pic, good work.


Thanks man,the lowest dumbbell in my gym is about 4-5kg so Ill just use that.


Got shoulder pain while benching so tried dumbbell bench. Tried 100lbs dumbbells for the first time and only got 2 reps. The heaviest I’ve went before was 90lbs dumbbells. Shut workout down due to shoulder pain.November 30. Hoping for a 255 bench on Jan 1,2019.


Sooo your shoulders hurt on regular bench and you decide to max out on dumbell bench? That isn’t doing your shoulders any favours. Given your training log which only seems to include bench press I’d conclude that you’re definitely not doing enough pulling work to balance it out. That + constantly benching heavy. Man, Start doing pull aparts, Facepulls etc for higher reps 10-30 per set a couple for days a week + variations of rows and i think your shoulder health will improve - that and stop going crazy on bench. Focus on technique and the strength gains will come. Constantly benching heavy doesnt ingrain good technique. It = bum shoulders.


Trust me my pulling muscles are MUCH stronger then my pushing muscles. I usually do pull downs and pull ups with 40-50lbs over body weight for reps.Rows are very heavy too. I just dont record my lifts that are on machines.You dont see me having any dead lift PRs right now because of my damn messed up toe. 2 more weeks before I can dead-lift. As to maxing out on dumbbell bench with shoulder pain is stupid I guess.


Deadlift Pr 315 for 4 reps. Didnt want to push it with a shattered toe.


December 3,2018 Bench PR 225 for 4. Really happy with this because I have sore throat and bad leg drive.


New rep PR for squat 175 for 10.Only technically 4th week squatting. Have not squatted in 4 weeks since the injury happened.Hopefully Ill work my way up to 225 for 10 in a couple of months.


Hard to do most muscular with phone. Update pic for future me.


December 7,2018 Deadlift PR 375. Grip needs some working on.


Also did 185 pull downs with strict to the chest form.Can do 205 pull downs but there is more momentum involved.


@flipcollar Do you deadlift? If so do you think 2 times a week deadlifts will be detrimental to my progress?


yea man, I compete in strongman. Deadlifting is pretty essential to that, we have at least 1 deadlift event at most shows.

There are a few ways to address training frequency with the deadlift. And it will depend on how you structure your programming. I generally don’t do well with deadlifting very frequently. I don’t even necessarily deadlift once per week. Sometimes it’s once every other week if I’m feeling really run-down.

But, I’m also 35 years old. You’re young, you recover quicker, and you’re also not lifting as heavy as I am. All of these things contribute to the potential to deadlift much more frequently than I do.

If you deadlift twice a week, you just have to make sure you’re not pushing for super-heavy reps all the time. If you’re hitting anything close to a 1 rep max each time you deadlift, twice per week will be too much, even for someone like you.

Something else to consider: If grip is an issue, use straps for at least some of your work. Otherwise, your grip will just be fried all week. While a strong grip is important, it’s also important to make sure grip isn’t limiting your ability to grow all over. In other words, don’t sacrifice potential growth in your legs and back just to make your forearms a little stronger.

Hopefully this helps some, I know this post was kind of all over the place.


Should I do any additional grip training? My grip nearly fails on max attempts. Ive been dead lifting for less then 2 months so far and haven’t done anything too reliant on grip strength before. When I go anywhere near 350 I start to feel grip weakening and its always at the top of the motion.


how do you grip the deadlift? over/under, over/over, or hook grip?


Anything over 275 is left under right over, and everything under is double overhand. Never tried hook grip with heavy/medium weight. It hurts quite a bit with even light weight.