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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



Ill be on the lookout.


How do I post a video on iPhone to here?


Upload it to YouTube. Then, post the link to the video here.


Plenty of people have had worse injuries and managed to train legs.


I’m just waiting for the gory video resembling a foot being crushed like a bag of cherries.


The video only has me pulling off my bloody shoe and sock lol,and its not that bad,just a bloody toe.I also just had surgery for it.


Do you have an instagram?


I do, but I got permanently locked out of it because they detected suspicious activity, so I don’t use it anymore.


What criminal activities have you been engaging in :joy:


Absolutely nothing. I tried to log in from a different device haha.


I have the video on one of my saved stories,the one named ouch.My account name is vitaliy_vorobets if you want to check it out.




Tried 250 bench today,got it up halfway and held at half way point for like 5 seconds.Its been only 17 days since I got 245 so I should not have expected to get that. Im still happy how I nearly got it. A week or two and Ill get 250 up easy. My leg drive has been messed up too since I had just broken my toe the previous week and couldn’t push into the ground as much. I also did 3 super slow overload negatives with 260 to get CNS used to heavier weight. Also Close grip bench PR 165 for 10.Can possibly do 175-180 for 10.


November 26,2018 Bench PR 250lbs. Couldn’t do it 2 days ago. Went up insanely fast. Can possibly do 255 soon. So that makes for 10lbs up on bench this month! Going up faster then expected. Bad leg drive too since broken toe.


Close Grip Bench Press PR 225lbs.
Grip was about shoulder width.


Progress pic for future comparisons.Semi flexed.Decent Lighting but not overhead which would be better.


Is that you??






Is that a good jesus or a bad jesus lol?