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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



Hoping to get a 245 bench PR by November 1,2018.
Also want to see a Strict Standing OHP PR of 150lbs or more somewhere in November.
Perhaps Ill also try 365 on deadlift in November too.(3 plates and a 25 on each side.)


Another deadlift PR of 365! 3 45 plates and 1 25 on each side.Was hoping to get in november but got it 3 days after my last PR.Also did 315 for 3.


October 29,2018 Bench PR 190 for 10.


Second time squatting, felt a little less sore and easier to squat.Did 185 for 5 and also got new 20lb pr 245.Finally my squat bigger then bench.


November 1,2018 NEW Bench PR 195 for 9 after doing a clean 240 bench.


Tried 375 deadlift for a PR and failed.Had sore legs from squats 2 days ago and was not in the mood.


November 5,2018 Dumbell Bench PR 90lbs per arm for 7.


Squat PR yesterday November 7. 225lbs for 3 and 255 for 1 rep.


November 7,2018 Squat PR 255lbs.


November 8,2018 Bench PR 245lbs.


Just measured biceps.November 8,2018.Left arm is 16.14 inches and right arm is 15.8 inches.So my left arm got to 16 inches faster then my right even though its not my dominant hand.I had 15 in biceps at 15,have 16 in at 16,hopefully Ill get to 17 in at 17 years old.I dont know if 18 inch arms at my body fat are even possible naturally.


November 9,2018 Deadlift PR 275 for 10.


Incline bench 185 for 5 PR.


Had triceps day and back day today,for back I did an easy 365 deadlift,and for triceps I did 5 paused reps close grip bench.Also did 215 for 1 rep close grip.


Hoping to possibly get a 10-20lb PR next deadlift workout.Ill be very happy with 375 or 385.


November 14,2018 Squat PR 265.
Right after I did the PR a plate fell on my foot.Pretty painful,in a couple of seconds i heard sloshing in my shoe. I realized it was blood and took my sock of to reveal a bloody mess of a toe, I went to the ER and did some xrays. They told me I had a toe fracture. Tomorrow going to see orthopedist to know how bad it is or if ill need surgery.It usually takes 6 weeks to heal,so ill go to gym maybe 2-3 times a week to train back,chest,triceps,shoulders.


You can still train legs. Leg extensions,Leg curls, cable pull throughs, band stuff etc. Single leg movements like Bulgarian split squats and single leg rdl’s. All stuff that won’t put alot of weight on the foot.


Its hard for me to walk around I hobble with a special shoe and cant do any standing exercises. Im not supposed to put any pressure on my toe.




Yep. Im gonna post video sometime later of me taking a bloody shoe off,with a dripping sock,and my messed up bloody toe.