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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



@flipcollar @bulldog9899
In the video above is my back rounding bad?
Keep in mind this was a PR set and it was 95% of my current 1RM.


Very very slight… Considering it near a pr set its not bad.


Dumbell bench PR 100lbs dumbells for 5 unassisted with liftoff.


Was going to follow flip on instagram but it went down today.


March 13,2019 Squat PR 305lbs.
Went down pretty slowly to make sure I hit depth so it was a grinder but I still got it up.
First 300lbs+ squat.


3 plates is around the corner.


Hopefully next month.
(Its sad how weak my squat is)


Squat is just one of those things that is hard to master. I think a 500kg squat would be more impressive than a new world record deadlift. (Not one of the bullshit super suit just at parallel squats) I’m still trying to figure my squat out, want 4 plates badly on it but there is always some nagging form issue that I need to correct. It’s just been dumb luck and hard work getting my squat where it’s at. I’d still consider mine poverty compared to my deadlift.
In my opinion I’d say you’re progressing fairly fast on the squat. Find you form and lock it in.


This dude squatted 525kg in wraps no suit.


What in the name of sweet baby jesus…


Yeah hes insane, beat the previous record by a mile, I also found him doing 533kg in training without a suit.


His raw+straps record exceeded the current single ply record. He used to have the multiply world record until he attempted a 1300lbs/590kg squat that blew out his knee.