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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



I want to get 405 for 2 sometime this month.
My ultimate goal to achieve before the end of the school year is 405 for 5.


Set that shit for 500 my man


500 Kg ?


In talking lbs but okayy :rofl:


500kg raw no wraps in 5 months easyyyy.


Squat PR 275 for 2. Also did 5 plates a side on leg press for 5 sets of 10 which Ive never done before. Overall very happy that arm hurts less now.


You trying to reach my DB curl warm-ups??


@vvfoo @strongmanbrett Pshhh. That weight can’t even TOUCH my DB Tricep Kickbacks.


Lmao you misplaced your workout


Son of a bitch I sure did. Well this is awkward lol


Dont delete lol I want people to think im a beast.


Dude you’d wreck me in a bench workout😂 That would’ve had people questioning where that big bench of yours went.


Was messing around today on bench, finally no tendon pain from armwrestling. Did 245 for smooth single and 165 for 18 reps.
One of my friends thats 18 did 305 bench at 185 body weight today and gonna try 315 soon. Hes insane on bench.



Made a new instagram just for T-Nation,
also 405 for 2 PR, hard to believe my max was 395 a little over a month ago.
Deadlift is blowing up.
Also if something is wrong with my form in the video above please let me know.


You had more. Why’d you stop? That wasn’t even a struggle. Good work.


My goal was 2 and I didnt want to go to failure because that will leave my CNS trashed on monday when I am planning to try a 260 bench PR.
Ill go for the 260 bench if I feel good.
Ill go for 3 reps next week saturday, I also want to maintain my form.


Form looked great. You had 5 in you…you’re strong.

Good luck with the 260 Bench. When your Squat goes up, your Deadlift will follow.


Thank you, hopefully my poverty squat will go up.


Yeah, mine too!