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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



I have no idea what joker sets are, I never used a program before and im just checking out some programs to see what I should use in the future.


Got you. If you want I could explain them latter or some one else can .


Would be great if you could explain 5/3/1 terms the BBB version.
I love lots of volume. I wish I could train 6 days or 5 days using the program. Once I get a job is when I will hop on the program. Then training 4 days a week would be optimal. Right now I just go into the gym and train hard. I keep my volume relatively high. Im scared that when I start 5/3/1 it will limit me. For example I am at a 415 deadlift right now and Im going up 15-25lbs a month on it sometimes even more. If I start the program right now I would have to make 10lbs jumps only. Most likely I will start the program at the end of the next summer/next school year.


After you complete the core portion you turn around and drop down and use 40% up to 60% of your Training max on a given lift for 5 x 10
( actually he has some templates that go even higher in % on BBB)

Oh Jims got several versions with allot of volume in them

Yes I see allot of guys freak out over this… Understand that there is a reason why there are plus sets on the last working set along with gunning for PR’s. The goal is trying to improve rep strength that will transfer to over all strength. Also the Training Max can be adjusted at some point if needed.

I would agree with that idea considering the concern you mentioned since it will prevent you from going all in with the approach.

Regarding the Joker sets… Ironically I have read several times Jim regrets writing about them since I assume less experienced guys abuse the hell out of them.

In a nut shell its a way to add in more Autoregulation into what your doing.

Ok lets say your using 100 lbs as your Training Max on Bench and lets use the 3 rep week as a example.

70 x 3
80 x 3
90 x 3 you felt good and blew out say 6 reps which was a PR with maybe leaving one or two in the tank that would not have been grinders. Well you decide to add in some Joker sets. ( normally you would use any where to a 5% to 10% jumps depending on your own experience)
95 x 3 … easy
100 x 3 … little harder
105 x 2 … didnt get 3 so your done or you did 3 and the last rep was a major grinder
Jim got a few templates were Joker sets are part of it.
For the record there is a crap ton of stuff on the 5/3/1 approach that is not online specifically.


Thank you man, Ill try to learn all I can and will start the program once my own stuff stops providing me with more progress than the 10lbs/5lbs a month the 5/3/1 would.


Whenever I do a heavy bulk everything is awesome in terms of gains but I also get stretchmarks EVERYWHERE. Fucking Armpit get messed up,asscheeks, and lats. They fade away over time for me but skill the skin left is visibly scarred.


Had heavy deadlifts earlier this week when I got my PR so needed some rest for my lower back this week. I didnt to to failure and too much volume on squats today,just some triples and 245 for 5 PR.Could have probably done 6 but decided not to for back to heal. Im gonna try putting the bar lower on squats because right now its ripping up my back skin.


Seem to be recovering slower after heavy deadlifts, chest was sore much longer then the usual 48 hours, only did light work yesterday for chest because of soreness.


Gonna try 385 for a double tomorrow on deadlift.


Did a 285lbs bench lockout and hold for 10 sec to get ready for heavier weights.


Deadlift PR 385 for 3. Its crazy to think about that about a month ago this was my 1RM. Goal was 2 or more reps. Im happy with 3. Next week will attempt 4 reps. Did it in the morning feeling cold. Had to go to gym in morning because gonna hang out with friends later. Gonna be in pool first time in like 7 months. My fuked up toe will be open for everyone to see lmaooo.


Crazy heavy volume today on bench, trying to get it up. 21 total reps with 225, I never went above 15 before. Did 3 sets for 3 , then 3 sets for 2, 4 singles, and last set double. So 21 total reps.


Wohooo squat PR 295. Went for 305 but decided to have someone tape. Whenever I have someone tape my brain tells me to go literally ass to grass. My calves touched the back of my legs lmao. Anyways I failed that one out of the hole. Didnt try again. Next did 245 for 3 and after 225 for 2. Then I nearly died. One set of 20 with 135 followed by 5 sets of 10 with 135 after. Could not breath after 70 reps with 135 total. Never realized how hard high rep squats are. So Tom Platz squatting 225 for 10 minutes straight not stopping just became unfathomable for me.
February 20,2019 Squat PR 295lbs.


Cant wait for tomorrow, going to attempt 385 for more than 3 reps. Last week got 3 so this week have to get more. I realize progress wont continue forever and some day dead lift will be very hard to progress. Im gonna enjoy it while I can.


February 24,2019 Deadlift PR 385 for 4.


Excellent progress my man. I’ve been following along. :+1:


February 25,2019 Strict Standing OHP PR 135 for 5.


Squat PR 245 for 7.


Had tendon pain after armwrestling someone last week that starts up when I do any lifting, so I took it easy this week, but still got a PR on the dumbbell bench. Got 100lbs dumbells for 4 clean reps with barely any leg drive because I set up bad. Added 3 more reps with spotter helping a bit.


March 3,2019 Deadlift PR 425lbs.
Up 10lbs in 21 days.
Up 30lbs in 42 days.
Up 50lbs since the start of 2019.
My goal for 2019 is 445 so I probably set it too low.