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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



@flipcollar Do you believe pausing the bench is useful if someone doesn’t compete? Will pausing the bench allow faster or slower progression? Also do programs require you to do paused or TnG bench?


which program? lol.

just do some of both, and then you won’t have to worry about it. sometimes I pause a couple reps in a set. Sometimes I pause all the reps. Sometimes I pause none of them. This is minutia that really won’t affect anything in a substantial way. A guy who can bench press 315 for 10 paused is going to look pretty much the same as a guy who does 315 touch and go.


Lets say 5/3/1, would its reps be paused or not??


I have no idea. As I said above, I really don’t think it matters if your appearance is all that matters to you. I have reasons to develop my static, non-reflexive strength, so pausing makes sense for me to practice often. But I also have reasons to practice more dynamic lifting as well, so tng also makes sense for me sometimes. I honestly just think it’s a personal choice, whatever keeps your joints healthiest really.

There are a lot of things that you have to figure out for yourself beyond this that I would bet Wendler doesn’t care about one way or the other. For instance: I’ve had to adjust the degree of arch I use in my back when I bench for the sake of shoulder health. I also wear elbow sleeves every time I bench for elbow health/warmth. I rarely lock out reps, also to protect my joints. Usually in higher rep sets, I’ll do touch and go for most of the reps, and I’ll pause the first and last one. Just because.

I could do all these things, and I could do none of them, or a few of them, and in all cases, I would still be adhering to the basic principles of 5/3/1.


Had leg day today. Slowly warmed up using singles to my current max (285) and did it with better form and faster.Then did 245 for 4 PR. Then killed my legs with one superset of leg press. Did nearly 50 reps with 3 plates a side,23 reps with 2 plates a side,and 20 reps with 1 plate aside with no rest at all. Could barely stand up after one of these sets and was so lightheaded it was crazy. This is why i like training without a program, it allows me freedom to do crazy things. Ill start a program soon after next summer ends. Did loads of other stuff for legs but too long to write down.


Strict standing OHP PR 135 for 3. Never did anything higher then 125 for reps.Going for that 160.


I’ll race you to the 160 strict.


How much you at?


Max I have no clue, but I did hit 135 x6 not too long ago.


Ive hit 150 before for 1, I rarely train OHP though. Trying to limit the amount of pressing I do to keep my shoulders from getting messed up. Right now my priorities Bench>Deadlift>Squat>OHP


135 for 6 is crazy good, My first rep is always my hardest for some reason.


Wohooo im in the 4 plate club on deadlift! Didnt train yesterday so went today even though I dont usually go on Sundays. Decided to deadlift and tried 405 and it went up easy! So I tried 415 and that went up too! 20lbs PR today and 40lbs in 2 months. It was my first time deadlifting with new belt too. My goal for 2019 was a 445 deadlift, so I might have under-estimated myself. I might just raise my goal to a 495 deadlift by end of 2019. I went from a 275 First deadlift 4 months ago to a 415 today. Pretty happy.
February 10,2019 Deadlift PR 415.
20 days ago I grinded out a 395 deadlift. So i gained 1 pound a day.


Brilliant! Good stuff man. At this rate you’ll be in the 500 club this year no problem.


If only the progress was linear :sweat_smile:, I would have a 625 deadlift by the end of 2019.


As your Squat gets better, your deadlift should fly up even more. You have 475-500 in the bag by 2019’s end.


I really hope so. My squat is 285 right now. Hopefully ill have a 350 squat by the end of the year which should theoretically help alot with the deadlift.,


Dude, you’ll have a 350 Squat before the summer.


Im aiming for 10lbs a month so I should have around 350 during the summer.



I was looking at program calculator for 5/3/1 BBB and i got confused with the question marks on some of the sets. What do they mean?


Looks to me like the calculator is assuming your running joker sets after your 85 % sets.