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Vvfoo vs Larry Wheels PR Log



He did the rich piana 8hr arm workout everyday to become a PHREEK


January 21,2019 Bench PR 255lbs.
January 21,2019 Strict Standing OHP PR 150lbs.
Also got a 200 for 8 PR on bench.
I must be in PR heaven. Shoulders feeling amazing too.
Failed first attempt at grinding the 255, held in the middle sticking point for like 5 seconds.
Then I realized that my problem is mental, went to the bathroom,told myself I could do it and smacked myself for not doing it the first time.Went quickly to the bench, set up quickly and did the rep.


2019 Lifts Progress so Far.
Bench Progress 5 lbs-(30lbs left)
Deadlift Progress 20lbs-(50lbs left)
Squat Progress 10lbs-(75lbs left)
Strict Standing OHP Progress 5lbs-(10lbs left)
Body weight Progress 4lbs-(9lbs left)
Nearly one month down.Total weight added to Total=35lbs.


January 23,2019 Squat PR 285lbs. Super slow grinder with trash form but went way bellow parallel at least. The reason 1RM’s are so hard right now is the damn velcro belts at my gym, they fall off when you go anywhere past 90% of 1RM. Cant wait until my pioneer belt comes in.


Isnt this something you’d like to avoid?


Cant avoid with a belt that unravels as I get to the bottom portion of squat. I lose most of my tightness,.



Belt coming soon!


January 26,2019 Deadlift PR 365 for 5.
Took me 2 weeks to add another rep to previous grinder set of 4.


Apparently my estimated 1RM for Deadlift is 410, I might try 405 soon.


Did 225 for 3 reps for 3 sets on bench. Also got the 80lbs dumbells for 10 smooth controlled reps on incline without spotter. I wanna go for a 240-245 double soon on bench.


Belt came in today and its already comfortable and smells nice.


Le Belt


Just had leg day and used belt for first time. Such an amazing feel and tightness.
Got a rep PR 225 for 10 finally on squat. Squats were nice and deep with belt. Two weeks ago I barely did 205 for 10 and grinded every rep which took me so long. This 225 for 10 PR set felt fast and easy. 50 days ago I only did 185 for 10 with trash form.
January 30,2019 Squat PR 225 for 10.


Also 6 total 1RM tests that were successful.


Next large squat goals are a 300 squat and 245 for 10 reps.
405 Deadlift attempt will be this Saturday. Got 2 school days off due to extreme cold of negative 20 Celsius, so I will be very rested up and fresh. Only did light deadlift work on Tuesday so my lower back is feeling good. Well see what happens.


Should have gone for 20!


Don’t listen to him!


Haha, relatively easy, which means my form didnt break down. If I went for more my form would have deteriorated pretty bad. Im not an experienced squatter or lifter so learning correct form and cues is probably the most important thing for me right now.


Yesterday got ear pressure and sore throat, probably an infection. Didnt go to gym and wont go today. Had slight fever also. Probably because of the polar vortex that happened two days ago. I spent some time outside so that what most likely caused it.