V's Log in the Nation

I just got the urge to make a log on this website, so lets see how this goes

Tuesday 5/24/11

Squat 325 5x5
Bench 275 1x5
Row 235 1x5
Reverse Bench 185, 195, 205 3x8
Core holds, ab wheel

Thursday 5/26/11

Squat 285 5x5
Overhead Press 140 5x5
Deadlift 345 4x5, failed last set
Pullup with 35 pounds
30 dips

Saturday 5/28/11

Squat 345x1x5 probably could have done 355
Bench 260x5x5
Row 225x5x5
BB Curl 75x3x8
Ab wheel, oblique V ups, russian twists

Tuesday 5/31/11

Squat 275x8x8 didn’t do them all, mega bitch of a lift
Bench 245x1x8 easy peasy
Row 205x1x8 quick sauce
tricep rope 120x3x10