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VS' log - Getting Stronger


Went at the gym today for a short session. Had a terrible night, neighbor decided to have a huge party in the night, and refused to control noise. Whatever. So, I wanted to do a light assistance workout.

Weights were very light. Did not want to risk anything with poor sleep.

Cable Curls :

  • 31010kg
  • 3x10*15kg

Lat Pulldown :

  • 4x10x40kg

Dumbbell Static Hold :

  • 4 x 30 sec x 20 kgs

I discovered what CT tells about that, and my grip / forearms are pretty weak in general and a limiting factor. I will try to do them static holds much more as it feels good.

10 min bike cardio

some stretching

Tuesday I am going to hit the rack again.


Went today because work issues yesterday. Rack was fully occupied so I could not squat but I did bench + DL.

I wanted to bench, my shoulder was ok I guess and so I did.

  • Bench : WU + 3557,5kg - RPE : below 6 - was incredibly easy ??? I cannot explain that, I failed on that weight some weeks ago and now it felt really easy. I arched my back a bit more maybe it was the issue but felt good !

  • DL : 1x6x60 kgs (WU) - 1x5x90kgs conventional (RPE 9,5) - 1x3x80kgs sumo

Ok, here is the deal with deadlift. I suck at it. I tried to put flat shoes (DC shoes, light and flat, not an oversize skate model). I used my liquid chalk so grip was not the issue.

In fact I did 3 reps, then pause & reset position, then 2 reps, with tremendous effort.

After that 90kgs set, I tried a lighter set in sumo. Which felt incredibly better and easier. There is probably something I am doing wrong. The barbell always tends to trip forward and leave my legs in conventional DL.

Assistance exercises:

  • Face Pull : 4x15 - light weight, something like 5 or 7 kgs, more a “rehab” or “recover” exercise

  • Cable curls : 1x10x15kg, 3x10x17,5 - just because I felt I needed to do another exercise

Now, recovering, next I will go friday early morning to get that rack and beat squat PR.

So… I took some time to try technique / form on squat / DL because I started to get some issues.

This week I trained:

20/12/2016 :

  • Squat : 3x5x60kg - RPE 6/7/7 (DELOAD because I was not hitting depth)
  • DL : 1x5x70kg - RPE 6 (same, deload)
  • Press : 3x5x37,5kg - RPE 8/8/8


  • Squat : 3x5x70kg - RPE 7/8/8 (Reloading with proper depth)
  • DL : 1x5x75kg - RPE 7
  • Press : 2x5x40kg + 1x4x40kg - RPE 9/9/9 - failed the 5th rep on the last set

I have an issue with squat form. I think I corrected depth but I have trouble positioning correctly my hands:

Squat video 2 month ago or smth :


Squat video today: (poor angle, I know)



Xmas workout :smiley:

  • Squat : WU + 3x5x75kg - with proper depth and a bit better form I guess - RPE : 7/7/7


  • Bench : WU +3x5x60kg - new PR, felt good - RPE : 7/8/8

  • Deadlift : WU + 1x5x80kg - felt MUCH better having seen Andy Bolton form video. RPE 7

The more I deadlift the better I am (yeah) at this training. I love deadlifting. One of my goals is really to get far better at deadlift.

I took a whey shake before training (early morning) + cereal bar today. Was a bit hung over but it’s ok.

Merry XMas everyone


Squat : WU + 77,5kg : 5/5/5
Press : WU + 40kg : 3/2/0 - Failed, again - my shoulder was hurting : poor sleep + probably pec minor tension on the left shoulder. Left the gym because I felt overtired, and had a generally bad day.

Nothing much to add, but at least I went to the gym.

I feel my sleep issues are hindering progress quite seriously.

After 6 months break due to issues in pro life needing to be fixed, I am coming back.

Goals : lose some fat (still around 150 lbs but lots of fat due to extremely bad eating behavior recently) + build strength. I think I can lose fat quickly and so go again in caloric surplus to fuel workout. I have now much more time to train.


Did the following :

  • Squat : 3x5x40 - rehab and checking form
  • BP : 2x5x50kg + 3x5x55kg felt astonishingly easy
  • DL : 1x5x65kg
  • Face Pulls : 4x15

Will follow up tomorrow with more weight. Program is SS, without cleans at the moment, focusing on getting my deadlift way higher than squat.


Sleep : 6h30
Caloric intake : 2080 / day
Training hour : 8 AM post breakfast

  • Shoulder Dislocates warm up : figured it help with shoulder flexibility for squat
  • Squat : WU + 3x5x60 RPE around 6/7
  • BP : WU + 3x5x50 RPE around 6
  • DL : 1x5x60 WU + 1x5x70 RPE 7

Quick workout to re-start. Not fooling around with assistance work because caloric deficit and not very good sleep at the moment.


Sleep : 9h
Caloric intake : cheat day before
Training hour : 2 PM
Had a cold the days before

  • Shoulder dislocates warm up
  • Squat : WU + 3x5x65 RPE 8/8/8
  • Press : WU + 3x5x30 RPE 7/6/6
  • DL : 1x5x80 RPE 8

DL was hard, especially the last rep. Sure I would manage it but keeping acceptable form was difficult.

Diet was totally wrecked the day before and I had a big cold between 30/06 and 5/07 so no workout.