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VS Athletics Opinions?

Hey guys. A few days ago, the buckle that holds the velcro on my right shoe broke. I was able to squat in it fine, but I was looking to buy a new pair anyways. My friend sent me a link to VS Athletics, where they have a pair of shoes 15% off ($100 --> $84.95). I can’t find many reviews for them online, but I know that $85 is on the very low end for weightlifting shoes.

Any of y’all ever use VSA? What’s their product quality like? If this VSA shoe is comparable to Adipower or some type of Reeboks or Nikes, I’d rather spend $85 than $150.

The site says they have a 3.5cm raised heel (I need to measure the ones that I’ve been wearing recently and see if they’re the same). I definitely squat better on raised heels, and that’s how I’ve been squatting and deadlifting for a few years, so Chucks don’t seem like a smart buy right now. Thanks guys

Edit: I was squatting in Reebok Crossfit shoes that one of my buddies gave me over the summer. Flexible toe, fairly stiff heel. The lift on those is 3.0 cm.