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VS and R-ALA

How many of you use Vanadyl Sulfate and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid? If you have do you think the effects are worth the cost? I didn’t really discover these until recently when I reviewed the Swole Cat articles. I did some research on these at MEDLINE, so I am trying them to see if I notice the effects.

VS is one of those old school supplements. For me, I never noticed anything. It was one of those products that either worked incredibly well for you, or not at all. By incredibly well, I’m talking great fullness and pumps.

I have also used r-ALA and do experience the fullness and pumps that is claimed. Typical dosing is approximately 100mg per 50g of carbs taken about 30 minutes prior to eating.

Both vs and ala work for me. The vs would make me feel pumped and vascular where the ala doesn’t, but when I use ala for high carb feedings I don’t really gain any fat.The only problem is the vs would somtetimes give me the runs. A question for Thunder. What brand of r ala do yu use. I’ve always had good results with regular ala and recently I purchase r ala from 1fast400, and I’m not really noticing anything. My piss doesn’t even have that funky smell that it usually does with ala, if that’s any indicator of anything.

Interestingly enough, I just got a couple bottles of 1fast400’s version of r-ALA, so I’ll let you know down the road. In the past I used Glucorell, or whatever it’s called. Funny you mention the urine, I remember that distinctly, even when using high dose, regular ALA.

We’ll see if I get that from this. I’m not sure what that represents.

I just ordered some rALA from 1fast400 too. I’ll keep you posted. That Glucorell was pretty pricey. Maybe next time I’ll go with purala.

Yep, the vandyle is potentially toxic to your system.

Thanks for the information guys. Yeah, gabe, I did some more research after I posted and discovered the toxicity risk. Thanks again.

Yep, the vandyle is potentially toxic to your system. [/quote]

You’d have to take quite a bit to worry about that.

Either way, I don’t even think too many companies even make VS anymore.

Vanadium is useful in helping diabetics with blood sugar control (along with gymnema sylvestre, chromium, ALA…). Several companies sell organic forms with less toxicity then VS. One is called BMOV (bismaltolato-oxovanadium).

Thunder: I’ve read conflicting reports on how much VS one has to take before toxicity is an issue. What do you consider to be “quite a bit”?


How much VS would one take to get the desired effects - vascularity, fullness, etc? And how much would this cost on, say, a daily or weekly basis?

What kind of fat gains have you guys noticed from ALA? I know you weren’t looking for it, and there’s a great placebo effect in thinking that it’ll actually help fat loss, but did anyone do any body comps pre/post?