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I possess an undying love for you.


Ahahahahaha! Smartass.

Sigh, be still my beating heart...


Everytime I start my car, I think of you. :slight_smile:


Damn, what happened to your avatar!?! You're not the same without it, Vroom. BTW, are you the real Vroom?


Oh no... not another personal fan thread...



I love to possess the undying for you.


That was very clever.


Oh no, there was a reason for this thread. :slight_smile:


First T-Nation laugh of the day, thanks


Everytime I jerk off, I think of you...

huh, who said that?


...and will we be forever in the dark on this one?


I swear i woul say anything about you being a drug addict, even though you surely are!


Yes! The world is not right without an avatar or Vroom contemplating.


CD, just get up close to your monitor, and put your chin on your hand, in the famous pose.......... look at your reflection, you'll see vroom.

OK, so you'll see a beautiful, oriental, female vroom....... maybe it only works for me.......

It's freaky.

\|/ 3Toes


Ahem, let's be PC, gents. Asian people do not like to be referred to as 'Oriental'. Just as we would not use derogatory terms about Prof X, for ex, please use 'Asian'.

I am NOT flaming anyone but the term is offensive to some.


Aw sic...And here I thought WE had something! :wink:


Oh, an Ode to Vroom. How cute


I'm pretty sure that I have heard chinadoll refer to herself as 'oriental', although I may be mistaken. And I don't really give a flying fuck what's PC.

Furthermore, I think if you did a search for Prof X, you'd probably find 1,000's of degrogatory terms used for him. Maybe not racial, but degrogatory just the same.

Maybe sloths don't like to be called lazy either. You ever think about that? Huh? Huh?

\|/ 3Toes


The one time they are not lazy they are stupid!

They only climb down to, well, shit and to thereby fertilize the tree they live in.


They could do that job hanging in the tree...

Seriously, they are, um, challenged...


How very PC of you. <;-0)

\|/ 3Toes