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VPX Supplements

I know this is a Biotest funded site and I’m a complete Biotest product whore. That being said…what do people think of VPX supps. They make some interesting looking products that have strong claims but I don’t know anyone who’s ever used them.

I used one. It sucked. I have also heard that they taint some of their early batches of product with some “juice” to give them good early word of mouth results that are astoninishing, and then obviously stop doing that once the reputation has been built. But that is just a rumor I have heard so dont take it for gospel

expensive,pretty bottles,…

Geat supplements. I use them and love them, just like I use and love Biotest’s.

Well I’ll try again, my last post didn’t go through. I’ve used their 1-test and would compare it to mag-10. Paradeca didn’t do anything for me. Their MRP miscelean (sp?) is one of the best and tastes decent. Plasma expandor tastes HORRIBLE and mixed so poorly I nearly had to throw out my blender. Right now I’m trying out their m-1-t. I was up about 4 lbs or so in about a week and had more drive in the gym, some mild head aches, and slight lethargy. Then I came down with a horrible flu so I’m taking some time off.

My cupboards are loaded with Biotest, Life Extension and Twin Lab supplements! However, when it comes to “meal replacement” I have not tried anything I like better than “Micellean Boactive Superfood” by VPX!

Taste is decent, but beyond that I get a real physical “pick me up.” when I consume this product. I thought it was just a coincidence the first few times that I took. I really didn’t think that it could have such an effect, but it has, every single time I have taken it!

I would be remiss if I did not close with one word on the single best Protein powder of all time: GROW! I wish those Biotest guys would market a Meal Replacement drink!

I use them and like them as well, however they put some pretty absurd shit in their products. For example… the new fat burner redline, it is said to contain cyclic AMP which as we know is responsible for fat loss. However, when taken orally, there is no way that it can help aid fat loss on a microsomal level. Pretty silly… but good stuff otherwise.

The aromadex is a decent estrogen blocker but not as good as “M”.
And no I am not being a sissy and saying that because I’m on a biotest site. I used them both in a few diffrent trial runs for a few weeks on and off and got a little leaner off of the M and actually had some extra in the gym while on it. The VPX stuff like I said just didn’t cut since I gained no energy and didn’t cut up as much for the weeks on it.
How ever I have read their M1-T is some good stuff, but like all of their stuff way over priced for the lack of servings per bottle.

I was thinking they were probaly fairly legit, butI found it interesting that netrition doesn’t carry their products. I’ll probably try some of their clenbutrx in my upcoming cutting cycle. Gotta lose the fat from my strength cycle! Oh yeah, I do have and will be using hotrox as well.

The clenbutrx liquid is BRUTAL. Makes you feel like you’re on crack lol