VPX supplements

Anybody know anything about this company? I’m aloyal biotest user, but I have heard that this company makes quality products and that alot of professional wrestlers incorporate them into their programs.

Aren’t those the guys who make Para-Deca and Halo-Deca (or something like that)? I wouldn’t use that stuff if you paid me. By the way, the “supplements” that pro-wrestlers use DO have similar sounding names, like “Deca-Durabolin” and “Halotestin”.

I don’t believe pro wrestlers use pro-hormones. I think they’re onto something a little stronger than that. I don’t have any experience with VPX but have heard they’re just another over priced, ineffective, common, liquid, sublingual prohormone. I tried various sublingual prohormones and didn’t have much luck with prohormone until I used Androsol and then Mag-10. save your money.

VPX makes crappy supplements for newbies who don’t know any better.

You’ve got to be joking!

I had a sample of their clenbutrx fat burner. It gave a good buzz. Never used anything else.

Fancy names, average products at best. Their “Pro Bars” are some of the hardest, blandest bars that I’ve ever tasted.